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June 5, 2011 / MMasing

Cause You Had a Bad Day.

Hello Everyone,
Bet you had this atleast once:
The sun is gone, the clouds are packing precisely above your head,
every “Hey” you say to someone seems to end in a row
and even the birds seem to stop chirping when, indeed, you walk past.
Now there are a few things left to do, to get yourself.. kinda through your day.
1. Buy a plastic bag.
I know right, must sound weird, and you’re not really waiting on a plastic bag at that moment, but trust me. Put it over your head a the whole world will just go black!
Ok.. let me start again, this list isn’t going to end well…
(Puts herself into reverse..)
So.. now there are a few things left to do, to get yourself.. kinda through your day.
1. Go to the store.
And buy whatever you seem to like at that very moment.
(Will get very funny when you get home.)
For women that will be lots of chocolate and fat stuff that they will regret later, but admit it.. it did help… for a while.
And I think… probably.. that guys would.. kinda… drink alcohol and go to the Mc? Or close to that, though if you are a guy.. Well one thing left to say then.. or two things now:
If im wrong: Please, step up for once and proof me wrong!
If im right: Haha! Told you so!
But since drinking alcohol + feeling horrible = 😀 (and after that D:) and since for the fat stuff it probably will be like the ladies.. Both rather bad.
So.. great list maker I am. Lets say my first tip is to do point one, but make sure you won’t regret it?
Though that is hard.. I know. But it has the best result in the end 
2. Go home.
Easy and effective. Straight through sea, past all the red lights without watching.. home.
Ok.. not that way probably. But just get yourself home safe and sound, please.
Because whatever might be wrong, home will always be there.
And “home” doesn’t have to be a place with (minimally) 4 walls, a (few) window(s) and
preferably a roof. Your “home” can also be a local park or bar… and maybe your parents house, your partners or just go to a close friend. Just a place where you know that you could be in peace.
See? I’m learning, this tip was way better already.
3. Time for: Your own groceries and some music!
(Finally, there is the reason behind this post)
So, the groceries.. speaks for itself. Though the music.
I  know how it works with those things. Music..
You’d like to go with your mood, but since you’re already feeling like a brick.. I would advice to put on something completely different.
Does this make you annoyed or angry… then you probably are pushing against a solid wall. And a brick pushing against a solid wall, I don’t know if you knew…
But those things usually fail. And.. yea, this is going to sound really weird.
But remember something called: Love?
Then I bet you also heard about the “opposites attract” stuff.
So put that into songs and moods, and you get:
a down mood with an uptempo, summer light song!
But remember something called: Love?
Then I bet you also heard about the “similarity attract” stuff.
So put that into songs and moods, and you get:
a down mood with a down song.
That is – times – equals +. See what I’m trying to say?
Indeed, that’s what I’m trying to say, that music just turns out to nearly always help.
No matter what kinda music, no matter when, music will always be among us.
The best therapy in the world!
4. Write it away.
And I know yet again, easier said then done. Though I assure you, writing almost 800 words to publish it on a blog that no one really reads is some really effective way of therapy too..
And though.. easier said then done.. Look at me!  I just did it, didn’t I?
Ok, that’s my list again for today, I’m done. And this is what I should have done when I had a bad day.
But I won’t buy a plastic bag.. obviously because that is just a bit sick if you ask me.
I wouldn’t eat so I regret. I would eat so I won’t regret.. though that line is small.
But the line between creativity and insanity in your brain is even smaller than that.
And if that means that artists are insane..
Well lets save that for another post, gives me some time to google the definition of insanity…
Ow, and by the way, Daniel agrees.
Curious? Take a look and see it for yourself:


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  1. Anders J / Jun 5 2011 8:03 am

    I don’t drink when i’m down actually 🙂
    and i don’t eat fatty foods 😛
    I like to talk with someone who means much to me, not neccesary about what is bad, but rather about something else, so i forget what is bad and get happy instead 🙂 idk about you guys, but it works for me 🙂
    Tho, one thing i try to do when im down is keep myself from thinking, cus whatever may popp up in my head will only make it worse (known by experience), so sometimes i sit down and play drums, just to get something else to think of and to kinda hit away those bad feelings, sounds weird, but works for me 🙂

    thanks for a nice post 🙂
    waiting patiently for more :3

    • mmasing / Jun 5 2011 11:46 am

      Thanks for you comment, now i got a better view on what guys actually want to do when they are abit down.
      And.. surprise.. not that far away from girls.
      Tho I have to warn you, keeping your feelings inside doesn’t always keep you happy on the long term.
      So, since it looks like you’re more the talker, find that “someone” and please just talk, also over the bad.
      Tho creative minds are the hardest.. good luck with that when you get down.
      And, yes, playing drums is indeed a great invention to just forget about the world and hit the bad feelings away.
      And you are welcome. And thanks alot for following my posts.
      Means alot to me.
      Greetz, MMasing.

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