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June 8, 2011 / MMasing

We just Love them.

Hello Everyone,
If you just asked a random person: First word that comes up in your mind?
I got this: Pie!! :D.
Thank God it wasn’t meat pie,
because I haven’t got a clue how I could write you a story about that.
It’s pie like in cake.. much better isn’t it? Though ever thought about the definition of cake?
I bet you didn’t, but no need to do that anymore now.
Because someone already did it for you.
Take a look:
“Cake is a form of food, typically a sweet,
baked dessert.”
Yea… wasn’t that hard to get, was it?
Maybe another definition then…
“Cake is a baked flour confection sweetened with sugar or honey; it is mixed with eggs and often,
but not invariably, with milk and fat;
and it has a porous texture from the mixture rising during cooking”
Hungry yet? I already can’t wait for googling pictures that could fit into this post…
Well, back to cake. Cake is a form of food, a sweet..
And it indeed has a long history that every country wants to claim.
The history goes back to the ancient Egyptians and is even found by the Greeks and the Romans.
In the end ending up in Brittain around the 14th century.
In the 19th century the French included the “sweet” part in the cake.
After all those years cakes are still most popular in Europe and the north of America where the European influence was the biggest.
These days cakes are being used in all kinda traditions like weddings and birthdays.
The number of flavors are going through the roof!
You have chocolate, lemon, apple, raspberry, strawberry, rum, vanilla, brandy, orange, creme, pineapple, mousse, banana, peaches, walnut, coconut, champagne…
Ok, I suddenly think we are talking about ice cream, don’t you?
And after all I think most of us don’t really care how many flavors exist.
As long as it is delicious everyone will never wonder about who came up with the idea of making a cake.
Wedding cakes are probably the cakes with the most traditional ideas behind them.
The wedding cake got into fashion in the Roman Empire and many traditions came and go around the wedding cake since then. And in most people’s eyes these cakes are supposed to be white, though this tradition seems to fade in front of our eyes as we are speaking right now.
The birthday cakes started to pop up later.
They were firstly made in Germany in the 15th century,
so that’s how the one-layer cakes were born.
The richer you were, the more layers you had on your birthday cake.
This is also what makes the wedding cake so special because this cake nearly always exist out of 3 layers. (Or at least the traditional ones do)
And of course this was al very nice to know, and educational and stuff.
But let’s get it straight now. We just love them, we nearly never refuse them.
And if they were made by bush negroes or the Pharaoh of Egypt..I think that in this century we really couldn’t care less!



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  1. Anders J / Jun 8 2011 11:10 am

    You know what i was just thinking about? Pie!! 😀
    and i got pretty hungry too xD
    well I’m always thinking about ice cream, so… 😛
    And no, i haven’t thought alot about who made the first cake, it tastes great, and that’s what matters 🙂
    tho i didn’t expect it to be THAT old.
    maybe i’ll think of that next time i bake a cake? 🙂
    thanks for another brilliant post :3
    waiting for next one :3

    • mmasing / Jun 8 2011 12:27 pm

      Great that you were thinking about pie too, and I know right, I really got hungry myself too.
      Tho luckily its my dads birthday today so I guess I will get some pie today.
      And.. always thinking about ice cream? Also in the winter?
      And I was surprised about the history of the cake too myself.
      If you’d really think about that the next time you make cake… I doubt that.
      Tho if you ever do, let me know :P.
      And thanks alot for stepping on board with me, and dont worry, me next post is on his way! 🙂
      Greetz, MMasing.

  2. Miss / Jun 8 2011 8:05 pm

    Hello sweetie pie,

    As promised, I’m repieing..
    I don’t think it should be written like that..

    So, pie has diverend tastes and different layers and some have different layers with different tastes..
    They are just like humans, aren’t they?
    Sometime’s they are bitter, or sweet, or ittersweet. Sometimes thay are completly different from what you’d expect when you see they outside. How interesting, right?


    • mmasing / Jun 9 2011 5:03 am

      Hey Miss,
      Pies are like humans… yea, makes sence in a way.
      Tho I still think that pies are made by humans and for humans.
      Maybe each sort of pie is for a different sort or person?
      Then which pie would fit you? Which one would fit me?
      And do we wanna know which pie fits who?
      And indeed the inside is different then the outside… tho with some it isn’t.
      But the layer idea… that would be wrong to compare with humans.
      Every living thing is equal, not set into layers of pies that are decided by the richdom.
      Because that would be… wrong… right?
      Greetz, MMasing.

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