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June 9, 2011 / MMasing

When Angels and Demons fight.

Hello Everybody,
We got movies and games about them and some people find them scary.
I’m talking about zombies.
And yes, laugh, but think about it. What if?
And it isn’t such a weird thought because obviously someone on this planet has thought about it.
With books, movies and games the idea
of zombies has never been more popular.
“28 Days Later” and “I am legend” showed
the world again how it could be.
Though we all know that people can’t rise from
the death and terrorize the living…
Though could it be?
Is it possible for zombies to walk on our earth?
To rule our world?
Some say it’s for us to question… though for them to know..
Have you ever heard about rabies?
You know, an animal disease that can be transmitted by animals to humans mostly by bites.
For a human rabies can easily be fatal because of the severe symptoms.
So what are the severe symptoms?  Well.. the virus infects the nervous system,
which means that human rabies can cause disease in the brain and death.
Though that is the very last line of the rabies virus.. obviously.(For a better look at the "Rabies" image look at
Because humans don’t just drop dead after a bite.
Before all this you will get the same symptoms as many other
illnesses like fever, weakness, headaches.
After that you’d get confused, start getting hallucinations,
difficulty with swallowing and you get hydrophobia..
Indeed hydrophobia, you become afraid of water…
Ow, and you can get paralyzed… partly..
though that is just a detail.
And if you recognize these symptoms.. right now..
I’m very sorry to tell you, but then you will probably die..
within a few days. Tip: Go to a doctor.
And now you will think something like: disgusting, or horrible. Or anything close to that.. maybe.
And mostly about all: why do I have to know this? And what does this have to do with zombies?
And, how obvious, this has everything to do with zombies.
Human rabies kinda changes the human bodies like zombies.
They get mutated in some sort of way and the hallucinations and confusion
could indeed cause different or maybe violent behavior.
Though nothing to worry about, human rabies doesn’t really happen a lot
because it only spreads by bites and got mostly stopped by vaccinations.. now.
Though let the rabies virus mix with the flu (which spreads through the air)
it will probably become an epidemic virus with a zombie apocalypse on its way.
Bet you will think: but that ain’t possible at all! Then i got a surprise for you: yes it can!
Tho it wouldn’t be easy to do, with modern technology it should be able to make.
Or we can just wait untill the virus can be spread by mosquitos…
guess that will do the job too. Though.. well.. believe what you want.
Maybe the death will rise to terrorize the living
because there is no place left in hell.
Maybe the death will rise to improve the living
because there is no place left in heaven.
Now let those two things happen at once
and the earth will be in balance again… or fall into peaces.

But, admit it, after all…
only way we will ever find out if it is possible or not,
will always be to face the future.

So.. still scared now? Lets get a vaccination soon then…
For more information on this virus you can always go to the following link:


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  1. Anders J / Jun 15 2011 6:44 pm

    Well, what ever happens, i’m planning to stay human 🙂
    And even if you become a Zombie (which i hope isn’t gonna happen) i hope you’ll keep blogging :3

    Thanks for a very conducted post 🙂
    Can’t wait for more :3

    • mmasing / Jun 17 2011 9:40 am

      *phew* I found someone to stay human with me 😛
      Brilliant 🙂
      And I’ll keep blogging, or at least.. I will try.
      Hope that is enough.
      Thank you for following my post, means… alot to me.
      And.. surprise, another post is on his way.. today… like everyday..
      Ok, nvm.
      Greetz, MMasing.

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