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June 11, 2011 / MMasing

Under my Umbrella.

Hello Everybody,
Since my “Survival Tips” category is kinda.. empty, this is going to be a “How to survive …”.
I’m just not sure what we are going to survive this time, so let me see…
How to survive a solar eclipse…
How to survive.. yourself?
Or just how to survive me… but that is the same thing, for me at least.
How to survive your brother.
(Bet you don’t have a brother now)
How to survive your sister.
(3 guesses, indeed, I don’t have a sister)
How to survive 3 the same people..
Easy, that’s “Me, myself and I”.
How to survive… a rainy day!
That’s a good one, so:This post will be about how to survive a rainy day.
Lets see..
1. Smile!
Take a deep breath, look outside and, for a change:
The worst thing to do with a rainy day is to think:
Ow gosh, no! Not now!
Because thinking that, or maybe saying that..
doesn’t make it any better, does it?
It only makes you feel like: Ow gosh, no! Not now!
And I think that was what we were trying to avoid.
So you smiled, good start, but what now? Well…
2. Well, this could be worse!
So, you look out of that window and think
(and I know, risky thought):
Well.. this could be worse!
Most people think that it will provoke something..
or someone to really make it worse.
Which I find very funny indeed.
And if you are thinking right now
(another risky thought): She is crazy!
Then I will try to explain it to you, in survival tip 3.
 3. Bring it on!
Ever cycled home with a friend in the rain
and spoken that “risky thought”?
And ever looked af your friends face for his’ or hers reaction?
And ever had the coincidence that it actually got worse?
I don’t know about you.. but I did have that…
And it actually makes me feel really good!
Though I know, it is raining.. but like we care, now you are wet anyway.
And it really gets me thinking: Bring it on!
And then for the people who don’t use bikes as a way of transport but walk instead..
4. Under my umbrella..
Get an umbrella, a jacket and a few good
(which means not permeable) shoes,
and go for that walk of yours.
Listen to the raindrops falling on your umbrella,
or listen to the songs on your mp3-player while walking through the
little puddles of water like a toddler stepping into everyone on your way.
As you see, rainy days aren’t to sit inside and stare out of the window thinking:
Ow gosh, no! Not now!
Rainy days are about looking out of the window thinking:
Wow, like I care, let’s get wet!
And after all, what is more romantic then a kiss in the rain…


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  1. Anders J / Jun 15 2011 6:46 pm

    Great tip! 😀 love it
    can be very romantic too :3
    but i bet you already know that :3
    I hope that the one guy sometime will join you under the umbrella, or just out in the rain :3

    • mmasing / Jun 17 2011 9:50 am

      Well.. no problem, hope it will get you through a rainy day :P.
      And indeed, you are totally right. Rain can be romantic, and it can be nice.
      It’s just about the way you think about it.. right there… at that time.
      The mind changes everything, it influences everything.
      Just think.. and you can change your life.
      And yes…. I knew that.. since i kinda wrote it down… ok nvm.
      And I bet that one guy will sometime join me under my umbrella… or just join me.
      Because he is out there, because after all everyone has a second part of him or her out there.. somewhere.
      Tho sometimes out of reach. Like two pieces of metal… working like a magnet….
      Greetz, MMasing.

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