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June 14, 2011 / MMasing

The Golden Band.

Hello Everyone,
Maybe weird to think about things like this, but yet again.. I did.
And what shall it be now.. well: wedding rings.
I think that you can only really think about that when you are about to buy one.
Because you wouldn’t buy one if you didn’t had a partner
where you would want to share your life with,
in this way I mean then, because not everyone wants to marry after all.
And if you are already married, I don’t think you’d really think about wedding rings then either.
But wedding rings..
Are there any rules with wedding rings?
And why are they gold? And.. with our without gems?
Why do you even give an engagement ring
if you’ll get a wedding ring anyway?
And why do you wear your wedding ring
on your ring finger?
Because it’s called “ring finger”?
Or did that name came later than
the wedding ring was supposed to be around that finger?
So, you see.
Questions enough, now I even made myself curious.
Lets find out a bit more about these traditional rings!
Rings are… round, they are a circle. And circles stand for eternity.
Engagement rings are a gift from the man to the women.
The wedding ring is the last gift in the series of gifts from the man to the women.
The engagement ring is usually only worn by the women and, indeed,
given by the men with the question: Will you marry me?
So the engagement ring is just a “look how rich I am!” kinda gift.
So.. gems included in that one.
The wedding ring usually fits the engagement ring,
sometimes the two become one ring in the end.
The “ring finger” tradition comes from the Romans.
They believed that in this way the ring was closed to the “vena amoris”,
the “vein of love” which leads directly to your heart.
However the wedding ring wasn’t always worn on the ring finger.
The ancient Egyptians wore their wedding rings on their middle finger,
believing that a nerve there leading straight to the heart.
And right of left-handed… that still depends on your country.
Just a million other little details depends on
your country and/or culture.
Though silver or gold.. that does have a story behind it.
For boyfriend-girlfriend relationships you have silver rings,
the silver band (“alianza de plata”).
After that, as engagement rings, you get golden rings,
the golden band (“alianza de oro”).
Some wedding rings do have gemstones in them,
but traditionally they don’t.
They are golden, round, shiny and
have a smooth surface.
Simple, easy and beautiful, pure and natural with a text signed in it.
Now it mostly are dates and names, but once they signed poems
or other caring words in the ring that you never want to forget.
To hold them close, to your heart.. to never forget.
As a bond for life,
the eternity of love…..


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  1. Anders J / Jun 15 2011 6:59 pm

    I liked that ring = Eternity thingy, was kinda obvious when you think about it, but it’s SO true
    Real love lasts forever
    I wonder what i’m gonna get engraved in my ring to my coming wife :3
    but, got some years to think about it 🙂
    i didn’t know about that silver/gold thingy 😛 may come in handy sometime 🙂

    Great post 🙂 loved it

    Love, from now, ’till the end of time, and beyond…

    • mmasing / Jun 17 2011 10:04 am

      Yes.. circle for eternity, it is obvious. But the obvious is always the hardest to guess :P.
      Just.. too obvious…
      Tho that real love lasts forever, that indeed is obvious but everyone knows.
      Some deny.. bet that wasnt real love then after all (sorry to say so).
      And what to engrave in your ring and your wifes..
      A date? Your two names? And a poem would be kinda nice.. tho to let that al fit in 1 ring.. or 2 rings.. tho everyone would want the same engraving in their rings…
      Ok, you get it. You have to make a choice, and you really have a long time to find that out.
      Tho not wrong to start thinking about it.. just a little..
      That silver/gold thingy I did knew before googling it up for you guys, and that can indeed come in handy.
      Just never buy a girl a golden ring if it isn’t for any marriage.. would kinda.. make things crooked.
      Tho I wouldn’t mind myself, gold is pretty after all :P.
      Thanks for your comment, keep reading and I’ll keep blogging :P.
      Greetz, MMasing.

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