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June 17, 2011 / MMasing

You Haven’t seen My Dreams yet.

Hello Everybody,If you want to or not.
If you want to believe me or not.
Everyone dreams..
Yes, also you do, and I do too.

Each and every night you dream.
And not just one single dream, ow no.
You can dream from 5 up till 7 dreams each night.
Each dream taking 5 or maybe even 45 minutes of your night.
Meaning that in total you dream 1 month of a year,
and you can dream 150.000 dreams in that 1 month.
Still think its weird that I wanted to know more about dreaming?So, what are dreams…

“A dream is a movie in your subconscious, it’s a hallucination
of the mind who is doing a reverse processing of information.”
Dreams are from your subconscious, we did knew that didn’t we?
Though, to call it a hallucination… makes it sound like a lot more fun, doesn’t it?
And what about that “reverse processing of information” let me see..
ehmmm… Ok, there it is.
Instead of the information of the outer world that you observe,
information out of your own brains are being projected in front of your eyes.
Showing you a new “outer world”.
Making dreams a hallucination.
Which.. to put it into perspective,
means that you are like a schizophrenia person.
You know, hearing voices and stuff.
Only we.. you and me.. hear and see stuff in the night,
and they also do at day light.And dreams also seem to be odd, out of the ordinary.
Little boys and girls dream of a land made of candy..
or that they can fly.
But are dreams really out of the ordinary?
Because maybe that doesn’t necessarily have to be true.Maybe it is us odd people only remembering the out of the ordinary things.
Which makes sense, because it’s incredibly hard to remember a dream,

the odd parts are the easiest to remember after all.And ever thought about this?
That you can’t do more than one thing in a dream?
And why is that? Well, it doesn’t need to get too hard for you mind.
This way of thinking is also called ‘singlemindness’.
And singlemindness is what makes the dreams weird.
Because if you are running after a bus, you can’t think of where that bus goes to,
why you are running after it, where you are going or where you come from.
All you are thinking “I have to keep running after this bus!”.So after all everyone is simple.
And after all everyone dreams
(no point in denying that anymore now).
And dreams can be normal, we just don’t remember the normal dreams.
Which must make some people relieved, no.. you aren’t going mad.And for the schizophrenia people out there.
I totally envy you!
Because it’s absolutely brilliant that you dream at day.
Though I bet it can be annoying, and it must be hard.
And don’t worry, I fully understand.
And if you doubt that…

You haven’t seen my dreams yet…


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  1. Anders J / Jun 29 2011 2:17 pm

    It’s nice to hear that everyone dream, i, myself, just came out of a “dreamless” period, and it feels great 🙂 finnaly something to use my creativity on xD well, gonna be alot of interesting dreams 🙂 tho there’s one special dream i’m looking extra forward too 😛 well we’ll see when it come 🙂 maybe it’ll come to life too :3

    With a wish of sweet dreams
    me 😉

    • mmasing / Jul 2 2011 5:27 pm

      Nice to hear that your creativity can be tested now :).
      Should be alot of fun trying to remember your dreams.
      Good luck on that special dream, and i wish you all the best luck to make it come true.
      Because that is where good dreams are for in the end: to make them come true.
      With a wish of very sweet dreams back, MMasing.

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