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June 21, 2011 / MMasing

Still think we Women have it that Bad?

Hello Everybody,
Ok, to quote another site that wrote about this subject:
“This article is about the animal.
For the computer input device, see Mouse (computing).
For other uses, see Mouse (disambiguation).”
So, I was going to write something about mice.
Didn’t even think about the computing mouse to be very honest with you.
Though I might safe that for another post… maybe, maybe not.
So, mice, what do we know of them?
Well… they are little.. and gray,
or if you’d like to have them as pets…
probably white, or black.. or white with black
or brown, or white with brown,
or white with black..
well I think you get my point now.
Mice are found in many different colours.
Beside that I remember that mice have
a long history going back into
Jurassic park movies… yea, you get the idea.
They come out of the dinosaur time,
ain’t that wicked?
So, what can we find about mice?
Well.. mice are territorial animals.
Males have a larger territory than females.
Mostly the females have a small territory inside the larger male territory.
And, how obvious, the males are allowed to visit the females area when he pleases.
So… still think we women have it that bad?


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  1. Anders J / Jun 29 2011 2:31 pm

    well, yeah, atleast you have it better than mice… that’s something…
    tho i hope you can say you have it even better than that 🙂
    i know atleast “I” am gonna do my best to make sure my sweetheart will get the best life possible :3
    I know she’s not porcelain, but, i always think it’s best to help out and let life be as good as possible :3

    cus it would always make my life better too, knowing that she’s fine :3

    • mmasing / Jul 2 2011 5:40 pm

      Indeed, great to have it better than mice :P.
      Would be pretty bad if we didn’t tho…
      Good luck to make your girlfriend :3, bet she wouldn’t wish for anyone else :3.
      Lets hope that she will be happy so you will too :).
      And good that you know that girls aren’t porcelain, tho depends on the girl, cuz some girls want to be seen like that.
      Tho girls who say they aren’t porcelain don’t have to be strong.
      They just want to seem like they are.. doesn’t mean they can handle everything on their own.
      Noone can handle everything on their own, you always need someone or something.
      Just dont think she can handle everything on her own when she tells you she can.
      Help, watch the signs, and catch her if she falls…
      Gosh, I should have writen a post about this :P.
      Well, anyway.. see you in my next post :P.
      I hope you like my seatbelts :), if you ever wish for a subject…
      Please trow it in one of you comments and it will be in the upcoming post :).
      Thanks for reading.
      Greetz, MMasing.

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