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June 22, 2011 / MMasing


Hello Everyone,
Without taking no giving.
Without sharing no taking.
Without equality no sharing.
Without gathering no equality.
Without communication no gathering.
Without gathering no caring.
Without caring no feeling.
Without feeling no sympathy.
Without sympathy no hospitality.
Without hospitality no community.
Without community no unity.
Without unity no independency.
Without independency no security.
Without security no fear.
Without fear no safe. 
Without surrender no safe. 
Without hope no surrender.
Without positivity no hope.
Without negativity no positivity.
Without hate no negativity.
Without love no hate.
Without chance no love.
Without begin no chance.
Without end no begin.
Without death no end.
Without life no death.
Without air no life.
Without plants no air.
Without water no plants.
Without rain no water.
Without sun no rain.
Without dark no sun.
Without light no dark.
Without black no light.
Without white no black.
Without heaven no white.
Without hell no heaven. 
Without happiness no hell.
Without sadness no happiness.
Without cheating no sadness.
Without unfaithfulness no cheating.
Without trust no unfaithfulness.
Without gold no trust.
Without silver no gold.
Without queens no silver.
Without kings no queens.
Without husbands no kings.
Without wifes no husbands.
Without she no wifes.
Without he no she.
Without she no me.
Without me no you.
Without you no me…


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  1. Anders J / Jun 29 2011 2:40 pm

    …wow… that’s a nice poem…
    i love the end.. without you, no me :3
    it’s so sweet and soft :3

    it’s true too
    without my girl i would be… idk empty, gone, air, she means the world to me, she is everything, so i hope we can live together for the rest of our lifes :3
    and if you read this: Know that i love you over all in the world, no matter where, when, why, how, anything, you will always be here in my heart ❤ :3

    • mmasing / Jul 2 2011 5:44 pm

      Thanks 🙂 means a lot to me :).
      I just try some things, and its really nice to hear that you liked it.

      And I know what you mean, without my boy… no air…
      And I love the way you talk about her, she must be the luckiest girl on the planet..
      (beside me, cuz my guy really is the best :P)
      I wish you two the best luck in the world :3
      Greetz, MMasing.

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