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June 23, 2011 / MMasing

Conflict between Men and Women.

Hello Everybody,
For as long as we can remember there has been a conflict between men and women.
But what are the differences between men and women anyway?
Lets find out!
In the first 11 weeks of the pregnancy there isn’t a difference between a boy or a girl.
After the 11th week there start to come differences in our soon to be boy or girl.
Later in kindergarten the differences between boy and girl are clearly visible.
Boys think they can run harder, boys would break everything, girls would play a lot
with dolls, boys thing they are stronger, and boys thinks girls are sweet.
After that you become older and wiser, and the differences become different yet again.
Men can drive cars better, women are better in the household.
Though that one is actually proved. 98% of all people who work in the home care business are women,
99% of all doctor’s assistant are women.
Beside that women are better at organizing, 99% of all secretaries are women.
Men are better in technical things, 100% of all welders is men,
100% of all car mechanics is men, 100% of all heating installers is men.
There also are differences in the brains of men and women.
Men have bigger brains then women and their brains weigh so 10%-15% more.
The oriental part of their brain is bigger and they are better in that because of that.
Women are better in everything around language and speaking.
This is due to the better connection between the left and the right brain than men have.
And women mostly become older than men.
One on the three marriages turns out into a divorce,
66% of all women have a job now though men still earn 19% more.
And that is for the same amount of work that’s being done.
And 33.33% of all women thinks that their men drives like a formula
1 driver while 13% of all men think that their women drives like a grandma.
And for who was reading this to know stuff about sex.
Yes, women have more sex than man do.. though that only 5 times more a year.
Like you wanted to know…
(Ow, and yes, all these numbers and %’s are only counting for my country indeed,
so don’t tell me I’m wrong, because I’m right, just not in your country…)


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  1. Anders J / Jun 29 2011 3:06 pm

    Wow, quite alot i didn’t know xD
    well, i just hope my marriage wont turn into a divorce, that’s all i got to say.
    i really though men had more sex than women, tho idk how it’s possible, or depends on what you define as sex i guess…

    well, whatever it may be i don’t mind men, i don’t mind women, and i love my love, so… that’s what matters in the end, right? :3

    • mmasing / Jul 2 2011 5:49 pm

      Good that you can learn stuff from me then :P.
      And let me help you by wishing you the best for that marriage of yours :3.
      And.. well.. yea… thought it wrong then xD.
      That it is easy explainable by that women are the one saying “No” or “Yes”.. so if we girls wanted to…
      Hard for you guys to say “No” :P, as soon as someone says “Yes”, you wont say “No”.. see?
      Well, nvm xD And that is indeed what matters. 🙂
      Love people, men and women… because after all.. we are all the same thing:
      Greetz, MMasing.

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