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June 30, 2011 / MMasing

To (Buy Something and) Get Online.

Hello Everyone,
Due to certain reasons, I decided to write about a technical things today.
In the world of today, being apart doesn’t have to be a heart breaking story anymore.
Thanks to.. ow, wait a second, lets find a proper definition to that one, could be fun.. ehmm…
“A global system of interconnected networks
that use serve billions of users worldwide.”
Well, that wasn’t so hard to guess, it’s the internet.
To the youth of the world, and because of that probably
also the future that lies ahead of us,
relies on the internet which became a part of their lives.
This might sound big… but after all, it is big.
It is a network of networks that has access to millions of private,
public, academic, business, and government networks and even more.
With the internet as our biggest information source ever
and the wireless networks making it able to get online almost
at every place in the world, it isn’t weird that so many people rely on the internet.
Though having the ability to be online means a lot more.
Being online connects people all over the world making it able to
have business meetings without taking the plane.
Which indeed is very green, but that wasn’t my point.
It is easy, fast and it is nearly always there.
With your mobile phone you already are able to get online..
if you only are willing to pay for it of course.
Being able to get onto a wireless network is harder though.
This is because most wireless networks are protected by,
how obvious, the people who pay for them.
And then I’m questioning myself if you see what I see…
Do you?
Indeed, internet free, for everyone, everywhere.
Why not? Wouldn’t it just be ideal?
That would mean that you didn’t have to go
to the Mc or Burger King to (buy something) and get online.
You could just sit down where ever you wanted to sit down..
and be online. Go into the jungle and mail to your friends,
or.. well, why not. Open Skype, and sees who you can call.
And I know, this is far from our bed now.
Though not impossible.. though the “free” side of this might be.
There still are people on this world who think
they have the right for money
that they aren’t able to spend anymore.
But maybe paying for it wouldn’t be the problem.
Because it would be to expensive,
because everyone on the whole world would pay for it.
Bet that would be enough of profit, wouldn’t it?
Or not….
Still human,


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  1. Anders J / Jul 1 2011 8:54 am

    I love the idea 😀
    would make it easier to stay in touch with your loved ones, even when you are on the other side of the world :3
    tho… a global free connection… yeah, rather unlightly… but still worth hoping :3
    would also make phone calls less neccesary, as you could call with skype from your phone for free or send e-mails instead of sms’s 😛
    I think something similar may happen, but maybe not that radical, i believe the phone network will kinda take over for wireless networks sometime, that phone networks get so cheap that it’s no point in just using the wireless networks 😛
    tho, maybe not today or tomorrow, we’ll need quite alot better technology first 😛
    and again, the thought of being able to stay in touch with your love, no matter where you are, is rather nice, i’ve been thinking abit about it as i’m on a vacation and is therefor unable to see my love in the same way as usual, tho, cheaper to be on Fring on the phone than to send sms’s 😛

    Everything is possible!
    thanks for yet another great post :3

    • mmasing / Jul 2 2011 6:17 pm

      Thanks, I think a lot of people do, and a lot of people have thought about this… I bet…
      Because I can’t be the only one thinking this xD.
      And it really is easy and brilliant, communication and friendships without borders. :3
      And maybe you are right, worldwide wouldn’t happen fast, tho for the economical centra’s of the world?
      Bet only one thing to do to be sure: Face the future.
      So I’m going for that one :P.
      And maybe the phone network will take over..
      Tho I might prefer better phones with an easier keyboard on them xD.
      Tho that is just me talking.
      Everything is getting faster and smaller after all, so I bet modern technology will find amazing new gadgets to make that phone network ideal.
      Tho the same counts for the wireless networks…
      And very sweet of you to still visit my blog and comment while you are on your vacation…
      Business guy? 😛 nvm that one xD.
      And we all go for cheaper in the end… tho I bet using Fring is alot faster also then texting around the globe xD.
      Indeed: Everything is possible!
      And if they ever dare to say it isn’t: Prove them wrong! :3
      Thanks for still reading my posts :3, hope you’ll enjoy my next one :).
      Greetz, MMasing.

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