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July 3, 2011 / MMasing

1 Month.

Hello Everybody,
Today 1 month back I was in a conversation with a good friend of mine.
Instead of spamming his and other friends of mine with mails..
They already agreed on me that writing columns would be my think,
though that plan could change.
I should start my own blog.
But yea.. with what in there?
I’m not really writing on 1 specific subject…
what you probably already knew.
Also means that I have no problems with anyone
throwing up any subject for me to jump straight into.
But, after all, I did start that blog.
And I started it here.. on
Up till now, my blog haven’t really been the best
written or the best read blog on here.
Not at all, to say it a bit more in perspective.
Though I decided to not really mind.
I think the biggest shock for me, was that
actually someone read it, to be honest with you.
And to be even more honest with you,
the best thing I like about this blog is replying on
comments that you all wrote back to me.
Because I’m always curious what you all think about this..
About my little blog.
Though I don’t really got many comments, neither as the viewers.
But, after 1 month I do know that I’m not only writing to myself anymore.
Which is weird, but nice too.
But for now:



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  1. Anders J / Jul 4 2011 7:50 am

    I wanna help with the balloons 😀
    i can take the blue ones :3
    if you don’t mind ofcourse 😛

    and it’s never about being the best or doing it the best, it’s about doing something that matters, doing something that makes people think, feel, love, i know it did that to me, that’s why i keep reading, cus it matters to me :3

    I wish you the best of luck with the blog 🙂
    sincerely me :3

    • mmasing / Jul 9 2011 12:56 pm

      Thanks for the help 🙂
      And..yea…well… thanks :3
      I don’t think me writing makes any difference in this world, but i like writing stuff down and I’m glad someone likes to read it.
      Thank you very much and till my next post :P.
      Greetz, MMasing.

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