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July 4, 2011 / MMasing

Mystery behind Pyramids.

Hello Everyone,
Today, it’s about: Pyramids.

Pyramids were made of two different sorts of stone:
limestone and granite.
Theses stones had to be chopped out of the ground.
The blocks were transported over the Nile.
About the construction are two theories to determine:
1. The sides of the pyramids were set into one line
using the four wind directions.
2. The sides of the pyramids were set into one line
using the sun or/and stars.


Pyramids hare the shape of a…. pyramid since
the pyramid for Djoser in Saqqara.
The reason behind this shape is that it’s designed
to serve as a gigantic stairway that should bring
the soul of the deceased pharaoh to heaven.
Which is by the way ridiculous because
like you feel like climing a gigantic
stairway when you’re dead,
I would be way to lazy for that to be honest.
The second reason for this shape could be that
it stood for the monoligh which resambles
the creation of the world.
And yes, there we have God again.
The pyramids played their part in this story
of “the rising of the dead”.
Though not in this world but the world beside ours, which they thought existed.
Which is obvious, otherwise they wouldn’t have build these things in the first place,
kinda a waste of time if you ask me.

The inside of the pyramide is filled with an
underground construction of shafts and rooms.
These undergrounds are famous for their traps
and ambushes to keep unwanted visitors away.
Though this has been overdone in movies like
“Tomb Raider” and “Lara Craft”.
The only thing that makes a pyramid scary
is the mysteries behind it and the feeling of being
under the ground, of being disoriented.
Now try to walk through there with the throught
of it being cursed to keep you out and not feel abit claustrofobic and scared.
The pyramids of Gizeh are set into line
that corresponds with the Orion constellation.
This fact was believed by alot of people though
they don’t have to be made this way intentionally.
These pyramids could also be placed in this diagonal to not be seen as a whole.
Because the pharaohs wouldn’t have want that.
Yes, indeed, how stupid to seem equal..
Beside that all the pyramids needed a clear view to the north,
what wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t placed in a diagonal…
which is obvious again..
Science doesn’t really know what to do with the pyramids.
Infact, scientists and Egyptologists have never really agreed with each other.
They turn each others theories down and accuse eachother
of fraud and the withholding of information.

In the second half of the 20th centuary a researcher

came with the idea of a link between the spatial form
of the pyramid and the influence it can have on the organisms.
There also are connections with the spatial form
and the physical, chemical and biological processes.
This would mean that blunt razors would become sharp when
you lay them in a pyramid and meat wouldn’t rot while laying in a pyramid.
Suddenly sounds like thé perfect place for a guy to live..
Doesn’t it?


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  1. Anders J / Jul 15 2011 9:39 am

    the pyramis have always been mysterious, i’ve never been in one, tho, could be fun to see how it is once :3 tho i would never live in one… ever xD i saw a program about the pyramids once, and i think it had the answer to how they were able to get the blocks up, cus there’s a steep slope running through the pyramid, and there was marks after something of wood being rubbed against the rock, so they probably used a weight of some sort to counter the weight of the blocks, making them easier to move 😛

    • MMasing / Jul 16 2011 12:54 pm

      Indeed, mysterious :P.
      I’ve heard something simulair about those blocks yeah.
      Kinda obvious that they had to have something, kinda.. heavy those blocks, arent then? :P.
      And same for me, never been into one.
      Tho indeed, would be amazing.. tho I rather not go alone xD.
      So.. wanna join?
      Greetz, MMasing.

      • Anders J / Jul 16 2011 3:58 pm

        ofcourse i’d like to join 🙂 sounds like an exciting adventure :3
        can’t wait to see you there 😛

      • MMasing / Jul 16 2011 4:21 pm

        Deal 😛
        See you there..
        Hmmm, where can I find cheap tickets to Egypt? 😛
        Greetz, MMasing.

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