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July 5, 2011 / MMasing

Got that Holiday Feeling?

Hello Everybody,
And then it was (my) holiday.
It started 2 hours back to be honest,
and it still doesn’t feel like a holiday at all.
Not just because I’m way to busy,
because that is.. partly.. not true.
It is because I already have to work tomorrow…
which isn’t called a holiday.. if you ask me.
Though you will make good money…
and that is always welcome.
But now, For you and me.
I’m going to find some survival tips for..
anyone who has the same problem.
Lets get that holiday feeling back, please.
1. Relax.
Grab a book, go outside, lay in the grass and just read.
2. Spoil yourself.
Go eat outdoors, just because you can or feel like it.
Do things you would never have done before and enjoy.
Go buy food in stores where you have never been before
and cook something you never maked before.
Maybe you even like it… or not..
though at least you had alot of fun making it, or messing it up..
3. Go out.
Not necissairly with friends like it going down all the pubs..
though you may if you feel like it.
I meant more like.. go to the beach, the forest,
a museum or just sit down on a terrace and watch
all the unknown people walk past your table.
Eat your dinner or breakfast in the garden
for a change, to enjoy the fresh air.
4. Sun.
Most of all.. enjoy the sun.
The sun can make you happy,
though don’t burn your skin please.
So, what am I going to do these upcoming weeks?
Well, I am going to read alot of books, cook all kinda things
that I never ate before, enjoy the sun and my sun.
Invite over all my friends for a girls night out…
or just a movie night on the couch.
And I will test the quality of the grass in my garden.
So.. what about you?
Got that holiday feeling?


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  1. Anders J / Jul 15 2011 9:46 am

    well, my plans: work, talk with friends, enjoy the sun, not get burned, miss my love when she’s away, put the matrass on the veranda, maybe even sleep there, read more books from the Alex Rider series, even tho i’ve read them before (which never really happens, i never really read a book twice, tho, this is the exception, and maybe harry potter, we’ll see how far i get), test out the grass in the garden? ehm… maybe not? idk, i bet most people walking by would wonder about what i read :p, eat ice cream, LOTS of ice cream, and be home alone 😀 finally… xD, and live, that’s a great part of my plan, be alive, love life, enjoy it, be myself, love the people i care about… or care about the people i love? well if you (who reads this) are one of them, please enjoy the vacation and know that i love and care about you or care about and love you, either way… xD :3

    • MMasing / Jul 16 2011 12:51 pm

      Gosh, I love your plans.
      You suddenly sound like a very relaxed person :P.
      I never read any Alex Rider books, tho I did read Harry Potter.
      Maybe I should try them once then?
      Better look into it when I find the time.
      And gardens are nice… but if everyone can see you.. idk :P.
      My mom always says that if people look at you you are allowed to look back.
      And, trust me on this one, you can have alot of fun with just this one little and easy rule :D.
      Well, have a very nice holiday anyway.
      Greetz, MMasing.

      Ow, P.s. Ice cream.. no explenation necessary :P.

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