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July 8, 2011 / MMasing

What shall We do Now?

Hello Everybody,
Yesterday I’ve been to a:
Graduation, everyone has one… if you are lucky.
Though this wasn’t my own graduation, it was the one of my friends.
And I don’t know how the graduation goes in your country,
but if you don’t mind some tips anyway..
Here we go:
1. Clothes.
If you graduate yourself, guys please go in suit and girls please wear a dress.
Maybe you think now: Well, kinda obvious.
But you would be surprised if you saw the amount of
graduates that came in normal clothing.
And if you are a guest on the graduation, like I was “just” a friend,
then don’t dress up like the graduates do.
This might get you in awkward positions
because of the people thinking that you are graduating too, or that you failed.
In other words, please don’t dress up
if you aren’t graduating yourself.
Though there is an exception, if you come to
the graduation as the parent.
Then, obviously, you can go in suit of dress.
Or if you come from America.. no worries
about what to wear.. 
2. Clap your hands.
Don’t clap your hands too hard.
Might sound stupid, but they actually start to hurt after a few minutes.
Or just start easy, or safe the best for the once you know.
3. Friends.
If you are graduating yourself, please take your time to look around,
talk to everyone you know, by face or by name.
All your teachers, all your friends.
Because this really will be the last time you will all see them there,
in that building, for the last time of you entire life.
But don’t ever go for the goodbyes at graduation.
Because goodbyes aren’t supposed to be given there.
Graduations aren’t about goodbyes, they are about a new start.
And maybe you will leave some people behind while making that new start.
But they always be there for you to find again.
And you can always ask them along on
your road of life.
4. Thank you.
If you are already walking around talking to everybody,
you might aswell thank the people who helped you
to get to where you are now or your friend or child is now.
Maybe a math teacher who helped to pull up a grade or
the caretaker that always let you sneak through the hands of the headmaster.
5. Enjoy.
Just enjoy, don’t be nervous but enjoy.
This day will only happen once, so make the best of it.
Well, that’s all there is to it.
And after that graduation, on to the new road of…
Of what?
What shall we do now?


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  1. Anders J / Jul 15 2011 10:00 am

    thanks for the tips, i’ll keep them in mind 😛
    i actually have graduation next year… kinda mixed feelings, and i have no clue about what to do afterwards… at all, only know that i’ll take a year off, go on interrail, meet new people, meet old people, meet old new people, meet new old people, you get the idea… maybe i figgure out what i wanna do? would be kinda nice :3
    when do you graduate?

    • MMasing / Jul 16 2011 12:30 pm

      Your welcome.
      Good luck with your graduation, as mine.. next year.
      Mixed feelings about it all: Check. Here too.
      Nice to take that year off tho, I don’t.
      I’ll jump right into the next adventure.. tho not that interrail isnt an adventure.
      But I meant from school stuf, so..
      Lets hope that you figure out what to do soon, must feel a bit bettwer when you know.
      Greetz, MMasing.

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