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July 10, 2011 / MMasing

Everything that Is/Was/Will Be.

Hello Everyone,
Everyone is part of something, though not everyone is part of the one same thing.
At least, not always, though for somethings we are.
If you take in your mind.. Everything.
What would you call that? Does it have a name?
It’s the universe, or as Wikipedia calls it:
“The universe is commonly defined as the totality
of everything that exists, including all physical space,
time, matter and energy, the planets, stars, galaxies,
and the contents of intergalactic space.”
But where did everything begin?
Indeed, we always open things with..
A big bang.. The Big Bang.
But how did we got that Big Bang?
Well, I asked someone and this is what I got:
There are a few theories about the Big Bang,
and for the first we need to understand what matter and anti matter is.
Well, matter and anti matter  is kinda the same as +1 and -1,
exactly the same, just the opposite.
So if a particle meets anti particle they both get destroyed into nothing.
In the beginning the universe created loads of particles and anti particles = the Big Bang.
There was a “war” between particles and their opposites,
but it was created most particles, so that’s why we are here today.
Particles gathered to dust, dust to rocks,
rocks to asteroids and asteroids to planets.
Gas became stars, who by the way don’t burn,
they just glow (fusion).
Stars start as small blue-white star,
and as they get older,
they become more and more red and larger and larger.
In the end they blow up in a supernova
which lasts for about 2 weeks.
This is just a blink of the eye in an astronomers  eyes though.
After these 2 weeks the supernova ends up as
a small white dwarf, a little white star, or as a black hole.
A small white dwarf  is a small star
composed mostly of electron-degerate matter.
Small white dwarfs are really dense
and can have the mass of the Sun
and the volume of the Earth.
Quite amazing, isn’t it?
A black hole is a huge mystery,
this is because you can’t see what’s inside.
You can’t seen inside because no light can
escape due to the immense gravity.
In physics they say information can never
be lost just be spread until we can’t read it.
For an example:
No matter how many times you break glass.
It’s still a glass.
Though it can be lost in a black hole.
This mysterious thing forms an open
question in fundamental physics:
The black hole unitarity paradox.
The Big Bang can also been seen in a different way.
Think of our dimension as a thin cloth, hanging between
other dimension-cloths. Moving closer and further away
from each other, like waves. Once they will touch each other,
that could also be the big bang.
You have that normal thought that if you go in one way
infinite, you’ll just keep going further and further away
from where you started. But there’s someone saying that
the universe is curved, that you’ll end up where you began
if you just go far enough.
And that is all we got..
Isn’t it just unbelievable?
Can’t you just listen to someone like that for hours?
Well, I can, and I do.
Hope you can enjoy this as much as I can…
The universe…
The Universe.
Deep, dark, yet bright and light.
Everything that is,
Everything that was,
And, everything that will be….

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