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July 17, 2011 / MMasing

Be Yourself.

Hello Everybody,
So, time for a new “Survival Tips” post.
And where should I give tips for now.. ehmm..
Well, it’s the holiday now.
So next year the school will be filled with new students, maybe yourself?
Well, if you are a new student, let me try to help you out:
1. Get your books in time.
Books are a part of your study.
If you want them or not, hard to change, you haven’t got a chance.
Get them in time so you have tome to make them your own.
And no, don’t start to write in them or on them if you have to hand them in after your year.
Would be a bad idea, wouldn’t it?
Well, how to make it your own them?
2. Make it your own.
So, we are going to make our books our own.
And how? Well, simply make your own covers.
And “Make it your Own” not someone elses book.
Or make it the same as everyone else does.
You may, of course you may,
but that isn’t you, and you know it isn’t.
You aren’t “the same as everyone else”.
You are you!
3. Be yourself.
So, now your books are like you would want them to be.
And that’s how it should be after all.
Now, it’s all on you again.
Please don’t try to be someone you’re not.
It isn’t healthy and not the way it is meant to be.
At school you’ll get friends that act like you do.
So if you are just yourself and not
someone you would wish to be.
You will find friends that could last
for a long time, maybe even forever.
So don’t pretend or be scared to show who you are.
It will make all the difference in the world
if you just showed everyone who you are.
And if they don’t like it:
Prove them wrong!
4. Books.
Again, books.
Well, books kinda is school after all.
What do you do with your books.. indeed they are kinda needed in your classes.
I don’t know how many classes you have taken by now, and how many books you got..
But please don’t carry everything around always.
First thing: It hurts your back = wrong + bad.
Second of all: It looks stupid.
Though if you want to show yourself and think that it fits your character: Go ahead!
Beside that, keep your books together.
Class with class if you may.
This way you will always find the right books and
never just loose or miss one when you are in class.
You could also put them in the right order in your
schoolbag the night before the school day.
This way you are less in a hurry and the chance
that you forget something is less.
And beside that, if you have a locker: Use it well.
You don’t have it for nothing after all.
You can put your gym clothes in there for an example,
or dump your books there if you can.
And check if you need to take some work home that
you don’t have your books in your locker.. still at school…
Wouldn’t be a good excuse to not be finished with your work…
5. Learning.
Yes, that is what is inside the books and has to
get into you head, indeed. So.. how?
Well, with languages: learn the words.
I know, it probably are a lot of words.
Learn them in little blocks.
First 5, then 5 which makes a total of 10, then 5 more = 15, 5 more = 20, and so on.
And try to write them down, makes it easier to remember.
6. Homework.
Also a thing that is part of school.
Try to make your homework as soon after you had the explanation of that subject.
Then it’s still fresh in your mind so you can make it faster.
If you don’t know something, don’t get stuck on that question.
Move on to the next.
This way you are able to do more questions and let that 1 question be.
Well, this is all I have for you now.
Hope it will help you out.. a bit.
And, to be honest with you, the most important thing is always the same:
Be Yourself!


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  1. Anders J / Aug 2 2011 9:28 am

    Handy tip, sadly i started on school 13 years ago, so maybe abit late now xD
    well, anyways 😛
    i agree, be yourself is way better than being someone else, and this way noone can find out that you are acting either :p cus you aren’t 🙂
    tho, i don’t have my books in the locker 😛 i got some drawers at home in which i put paper and books after the day 😛 which actually is really handy… unless you get as much extra paper as i do xD well, in the morning i take my bag (or backpack, depends on what i feel like) find the drawers with the books i need and put them in the bag 🙂 and i carry those books all day, and since i haven’t got that many different classes every day it works out great 😀
    now i bet you ask, but what do you have in your locker?
    well, in my locker i have…. Tea 😀 yes, i have a cup and tea bags, if the school day is hard it really is nice to sit down in class with a cup of tea (No i’m not brittish) 🙂

    and another tip: if you can: never drive or take the bus/train to school, if you get some fresh air in the morning, your school day will be alot better, there’s actually a noticable difference, i always go on my bike, doesn’t take too long time and still get the fresh air (smart, huh? :P) so, if you don’t already do it, TRY IT OUT! 😀

    great post 🙂

    • MMasing / Aug 2 2011 4:43 pm

      13 years ago is.. ehmm.. long ago xD.
      That you even read further :P.
      Well, anyway, books:
      So.. no books in locker, that’s new for me.
      Tho I bet with less classes a day, it works brilliant, more space for other stuff, makes sense indeed :).
      And tea, why not, nice and warm.. and… are you sure you aren’t Brittish?..
      Ow, and I tried, 6 years back actually, still biking to school this year :P.
      It’s just nice to be outside, and its free :D.
      Now, let me get the good viewers instead of you (no offence, i really appreciate you reading, just hope to really help someone.. for once..).
      Ow, and better pack your bag on the evening before, tho stupid that I say this because I don’t myself… so never mind.
      So, that’s it…
      Greetz, MMasing.

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