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July 21, 2011 / MMasing

The Adventure of the Teddy Bear.

Hello Everyone,
Everyone has one..
Or, maybe better said, everyone at least had one once.
To play with, to collect them, to just hold close, to comfort,
to full up the emptiness to give as a present or to maybe even dress up:

The teddy bear.

How, our teddy bear actually has a ton
of history in his backpack.
Why did people made the teddy bear?
Why the name?
Well, here it comes:

“The adventure of the teddy bear.”
(part 1)

Once upon a time, there was president.
His name was Theodore Roosevelt,
though friends called him Teddy.
Theodore was invited to a bear-hunting trip in Mississippi.
He got out his gear and joined the an important person,
called Andrew Longino, to the Mississippi woods.
Together with Andrew and Theodore other hunters joined in
and mate it a competition. The first hunter goes into the forest,
shoots a bear and comes back with the dead bear.
The second hunter goes into the forest, shoots a bear
and comes out with a dead bear too.
This way all the hunters come back with a dead bear,
untill it was Theodore’s turn…..
Theodore goes into the forest, corners a bear and clubbed it.
After that he tied it to a willow tree.
The hunters thought Theodore was weak by not wanting to shoot the bear himself.
Though Theodore did wished that the bear would be put out of its misery.
This story was put into a cartoon by Clifford Berryman, The Washington Post.The readers of the cartoon thought the little bear was
too little for the reality but actually really cute.
Morris Michtorn saw something in this little bear and made a toy bear.
He put it in front of his shop window a sign reading: “Teddy’s bear”.
Morris send a bear to Theodore who gave the permission to
use his nickname for the little toy bear.

In the start the teddy bears were close to real baby cubs,
though nowadays the bears are more baby like.
Bigger eyes, larger noses.. or just shortly said: cuter.
They are in all sizes, colours and even in all kinda clothes.
And still being adored and bought all over the world.

The adventure of the teddy bear…



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  1. Anders J / Aug 2 2011 9:57 am

    i actually still have my teddy bear… not in my bed tho… but, maybe i’ll get it back here sometime :3
    teddy bears are actually really cute and cuddly, which is handy if you are cuddly yourself :3

    i think it’s also nice to know someone cuddly so you can get a hug every now and then, but if you haven’t, a teddy bear is a nice replacement :3

    • MMasing / Aug 2 2011 4:55 pm

      I still have my first teddy bear actually, tho not in my bed either.
      But it gets back here sometimes :P.
      I tend to know someone who is really cuddly by the way.. gonna try it out next week :).
      But for now, maybe that teddy bear will be a nice replacement..
      Greetz, MMasing.


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