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July 27, 2011 / MMasing

Work becomes our Lives.

Hello Everyone,
This sentence you hear a lot:
Never take your work home with you.
Which seems pure logic but it isn’t that easy,
like we probably already know by now.
So.. taking your work home,
there are a few things to know about this “don’t”.
Because beside it being a “don’t” you might still do it.
So, how can we make this better?
Taking work home with you doesn’t have to become
a problem if you fit yourself into a few rules.
1. Restricted area’s.
Don’t allow work everywhere in your house, for example:
NOT in the bedroom.
First of all, your partner won’t like that.
And second of all this doesn’t give your brains time to really really rest.
The mental space in your head needs to clear up to be able to work focused.
Beside the bedroom, you might also stripe away the kitchen and the bathroom.
Need an explanation for that?
Well.. food or water for that matter on a papers or laptops.. not a good idea.
2. Clean up.
If you have an office at home you kinda don’t have a
choice but to have work in your house.
This way your work can come to be spread all around your house,
which isn’t a good idea indeed.
For some people this unorganized life isn’t the way to live in peace.
For others this might work to get there mind straight.
Either way though, every mess needs to be cleaned up in the end.
Put everything on a place where you can find it fast and easy.
This gives your mind more peace because you
don’t have to remember where what lies anymore,
and also gives your house a better look and feeling.
3. Clean and nice.
As a said above, your house is important also.
Giving your house a better look and feeling
makes you more comfortable in your surroundings.
This makes you calm or, the opposite, gives you energy.
Also think about the hight of your chair or work surface area of your desk.
And give yourself a good second focus point away from your computer screen.
4. Work talk.
You may talk about work, preferable after you just came back from your work.
Talk about it, let it all out in a few minutes time and close the subject then.
This gives your mind time to empty up giving you
the chance to enjoy the evening without work.
5. Rules for yourself.
Promise yourself to not check your email or pick up your phone while being at home.
Close your laptop, put your phone away on silent and forget about it.
Give yourself time to relax after all this work.
6. Out of sight.
Make it easier for yourself to forget about it.
Keep your work out of sight, keep documents inside your bag
and hide any links to work on your personal computer away.
Keep that phone away on silent and try to get your mind off it.
Well, I hope I could be of any help.
Keeping your work at your work isn’t
always as easy said as done.
But at least try to remember these 6 tips then
in the hope of making it easier.
After all, in this world, work seems to be our life…


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  1. Anders J / Aug 8 2011 7:06 pm

    It’s good to separate work and private life, tho i still work in my bedroom, cus it’s there i get peace and have all my books and papers 😛
    life shouldn’t be about work, and neither should it control your life
    tho, there are workaholics, the best is to balance life, even tho it may be hard 😛
    live and work, don’t live working
    that’s my tip 🙂

    • MMasing / Aug 12 2011 7:20 pm

      I agree, its good to separate work and private.
      Tho, indeed, I still work in my bedroom too :P.
      Kinda… fits my situation… like yours… obviously xD.
      Cuz it’s there I get the peace I need and I kinda have all my books and papers there…
      Kinda like you.. tho i dont have peace here.. or books (not yet) and papers.. yea… nvm that one.
      Life shouldn’t be about work, it should be about life, and, well.. I do control my (and other peoples) lifes.
      Sounds a bit bad, but it isn’t, and this might sound about scary, but it isn’t, well, that was the warning: You’ll find that one out :P.
      I can control peoples lifes.. see?
      It really sounds scary xD.
      Ok… next..
      Balance is nearly always good.. nearly xD.
      Balance in happiness can be good.. tho.. well….
      There isn’t a point with happiness where you will go like:
      “Ok, I’m really happy now, lets just stop here, I’ve kinda had enough!”
      Doesn’t really work that way.. does it?
      So no balance in happiness, kinda explains the “nearly”, doesn’t that? 😛
      Thanks for you tip, I’ll keep it in mind :P, tho I don’t think that would be “thé” tip for me..
      I wouldn’t live to work, I would work to live.
      Greetz, MMasing.

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