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July 31, 2011 / MMasing

Being Able to Stand You.

Hello Everyone,

If you ever want advice over how to handle a lady or a man: Go to your grandparents.
They’ve (probably) been into a relationship with each other for over the 40 years.
Must mean that they know something out the other race.

Though a comedian called Harry Glotzbach did hear the best
advice from his grandparents about the other race.

He asked to his grandfather:
“Grandpa, how is it with women again?”
To what his grandpa answered:
“Well son, women are just like parking meters.
You throw a lot of money in there and never see anything of it back.”
His grandmother didn’t quite agree and told her grandson:
“Don’t listen to grandpa my dear, men are just like a parquet floor.
You lay them down one time and after that you can walk over them for 40 years.”
But it really doesn’t matter what,
even your grandparents would answer.
Men and women might be different,
they most clearly are..
Doesn’t mean that we will live on two different planets,
or are from two different planets.
Because, whatever happens,
we need to live with each other.
Even if nature made us different.
Nature meant for us to be together.
And the magical force allowing men to stand women
and women to stand men,
is still only explainable with one single word we use to call:



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  1. Anders J / Aug 15 2011 11:35 am

    Living together is all about seeing the good sides of eachother and accepting the bad sides, love helps with this alot.:)
    love is the drug of acceptance, adoring and caring, you can accept that the person you love got some bad sides, you enjoy the moments when that person’s good sides is shining through, and care more about him/her than yourself, 🙂
    tho i bet love is diffren’t from person to person, living together is diffrent from couple to couple, so live life your way, i’ll live my life my way, maybe they fit?

    • MMasing / Aug 20 2011 5:25 pm

      Hey again,
      Love makes blind, so it obviously makes you see alot of good sides and makes you blind for alot of bad sides.
      Negative side effect of this tho: Love also fades.
      Meaning that you will get annoyed by someone more and more over time?
      Meaning that love won’t always be enough over more and more time?
      I don’t know, but I believe in true love.
      True love might fade also, but it gets stronger too.
      You might lose the spark, the newness of love.
      But I think that with true love.. you just can’t live apart anymore.
      And love is different from person to person, couple to couple, life to life.
      But this is just due to the people themselves.
      Noone is the same, so no love will be the same.
      Because there just aren’t 2 times 2 exact the same people on this planet,
      to form the 2 precisly the same couples living the 2 precisly identical lives.
      Would be boring two wouldn’t it?
      Ow, and by the way, isn’t life all about enjoying the little things in live?
      Those little moments of happiness?
      Greetz, MMasing.

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