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August 7, 2011 / MMasing

Perfect for Too warm Days.

Hello Everybody,
Ok, picture this for me
The sun is shining, warming up your country,
your neighborhood, your house, your skin.. everything.
What would you like to eat or drink?
Nothing warm for sure.
So something cold.. very cold.
Not so weird that everyone likes ice cream then, right?
So, ice cream it is. 
Now a proper definition:
“Ice cream is a frozen dessert usually made
from dairy products, such as milk and cream,
and often combined with fruits or other
ingredients and flavours.”
Indeed, that is ice cream like we know it.
A frozen dessert, or also: cold.. very cold. 
Fits my discription better.
Beside that.. you can also see ice cream
as something to eat and drink.
Because it is a frozen drink, so to say.
And yes, with different flavours which mostly
means adding sugar and flavourings and colourings.
The first ice cream recipes come out of
the 18th century from England and America.
Mrs. Mary Eales’s Receipts was the first book where a
recipe for ice cream that was published, 1718, London.
Now, nice that we want something cold.. very cold.
But ever thought about how to keep it cool? To get the best?
Well.. fridge, indeed, but there is an easier way:
Liquid nitrogen.
For many years not liquid nitrogen has been
used to freeze ice cream and make it harder.
Tho the use of liquit nitrogen in primary freezing
just started to get into the publicity.
Tho you have to watch to not eat the ice cream while
it’s still steaming because this is seen as “dangerous”.
Which is kinda logical if you think about it. 
But why would we even want to use liquid nitrogen over the normal freezer?
Well.. liquid nitrogen can freeze ice cream a lot faster.
Because of that the crystals are smaller which on
its turn affects the texture of the ice cream.
Also quite logical, if you think about it..
But what does it do to the texture then?
It makes the ice cream creamier in its texture,
which means that you need less milkfat
to make the ice cream..
And lots of women with me wouldn’t mind that..
And I guess guys too?


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  1. Sara Yori / Aug 7 2011 9:56 am

    I for one love ice cream so I find this post very satisfying! It’s also cool to know what liquid nitrogen is used for!

    • MMasing / Aug 12 2011 7:10 pm

      Nice to know that you like ice cream too.. tho I think everyone kinda does, right?
      And yea, liquid nitrogen could be kinda easy after all,
      just takes a while for everyone to know about this way to keep ice cream.
      Thanks for commenting to my post, hope you will take a look at my blog again…. sometime :).
      Ever thought about a job in the ice cream factory?
      Would be kinda a brilliant way to find out more about liquid nitrogen :D!
      Greetz, MMasing.

  2. Anders J / Aug 16 2011 9:16 am

    Zo… less milk fat… i don’t mind… or i don’t really care to be honest xD
    ice cream is way to be good to not eat because of some fat 😛
    but less fat… i bet that’s good anyway 🙂
    and yeah, i was wondering why the ice cream we made at home turned so hard and not creamy-ish xD
    and ice cream is brilliant, so many flavors, tho i got some favorits 😀
    Lemon sorbet – well, yeah, name says it all, ice made out of lemon juice
    Mango sorbet – Ice cream made out of mango juice
    Cookies ‘n’ cream – Vanilla ice cream with a little bit caramel and pieces of cookies
    Stratticella – White chocolate ice cream with “lines” of regular chocolate
    Nonstop – Vanilla ice cream with crunched nonstops (almost like smarties)
    Chocolate – yeah, the normal chocolate ice cream :3
    Brownie – chocolate/vanilla ice cream with pieces of brownies :3
    Tiramisu – Originally an italian cake, but now also an ice cream 🙂

    aaand… that’s about it i think… :3
    Ice cream, my second love :’3 ❤

    • MMasing / Aug 20 2011 5:41 pm

      Zo…. less milk fat it is.
      And.. I think I finally found an ice cream addict :O..
      No just kidding. 😛
      Ice cream is always nice,
      and now you know what do do to keep your ice cream at home in good shape.
      If you are ever up for an ice cream, let me know.
      I haven’t tried all of your favorits yet….
      Greetz, MMasing.

      Ow, and P.S.
      If Ice cream is your second.. then what would be your first??..


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