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August 9, 2011 / MMasing

Evolution of the Cards.

Hello Everybody,
They are there:
  • for if you are ill.
  • for if you had a baby.
  • for if it is your birthday.
  • for if it is your anniversary.
  • for the holidays. 
  • for it if is your funeral .
  • or for just the thought that someone cares.
Indeed, I’m talking about cards.
What is the magic about cards?
Greeting cards are a fast present with
sometimes still a deep meaning.
People can actually be happy with a single card.
It shows that someone has taken the time
to sit down and write something to you.
The thought behind it is always what matters.
And it doesn’t take that much time to write
someone a card after all. It’s an easy solution to
not knowing what to buy someone at birthdays.
It’s the showing of interest or caring about
someone at holidays during illnesses.
At holidays it lets us all know how it is going
on the other side of the world.
Beside that you also mostly get an image
of where they actually are and how it actually looks there.
It might be one of the older ways of communication,
it still has a meaning in real life. People still send cards all over the world and because of this it still is a good business to work in. In the UK the people spend £1.5 billion a year on greeting cards. To put this into contrast, this is more than the people from the UK spend on tea and coffee.
There are also around the 800 greeting card publishers in the UK. So as I said: it’s a good business to work in.
For example the artist can dive into this option to make money in a fast way.
Tho.. what will happen with our reliable card in the future?
Will the all vanish from the earth? I think not.
Nowadays the networks along with gadgets rule the world.
This doesn’t mean that cards are past tense.
The invention of the Ecard gave a new option to the idea of the card.
Now we also can send cards over the internet to our loved once.
The evolution of the card seems to go along with the so to say “modernizing of our world”.
So cards, like books for that matter, won’t vanish.
They will just turn into Ecards and Ebooks.
Turning out to be the evolution of the cards.


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  1. Anders J / Aug 16 2011 9:33 am

    I don’t think regular cards will dissappear at all actually, cus, you will always apreciate a hand-written paper card more than some lines of text on a screen, it is something special about it, if you want the message to be delivered quickly you just send an sms or email, but cards aren’t supposed to be delivered quickly, they contain an eternal message, which always have meaning, even if it takes 10 years to get there, it tells about a person, a place, how someone care, what they feel and they’ve taken the time to sit down and write it down on paper, letter by letter, word by word, so they can send it to you, just you :3

    Cards are something special

    • MMasing / Aug 20 2011 5:48 pm

      Sounds like you really really like handwritten cards, I’ll try to keep that one in mind. 🙂
      Do cards really mean that much to you?
      Because if they do.. i might kinda understand that too.
      It is special, isn’t it?
      Just that someone out there took the time and though about you for just a couple of minutes.
      Just to write that down..
      I still have all the cards my parents wrote for my birthdays.
      Cards are special.. and I will keep writing them I think.
      If the world around me, and the rules of physics and biology, allow me to. :3
      Greetz, MMasing.

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