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August 12, 2011 / MMasing

Getting Populair?

Hello Everyone,
Some people have a lot of friends.
Some people only trust a few.
Some people only have a few…
I tend to hear a lot that people don’t
really have a huge amount of friends.
Tho you don’t really need friends,
it is at least nice to have people who
don’t hate you and still like you.
And what the difference between
“people who like you” and friends…
Well, I can’t tell you that,
because I think that is different with every person.
Tho to help you to make people like you… here are a few tips for you.
1. Show interest.
Showing interest keeps a conversation going.
Ask question, go into the things they like or talk about.
Dont just ask and ask but put things in where you know
something about or things about yourself so it won’t be like an interview.
2. Smile.
Smiling makes people feel welcome, makes them feel comfortable.
Beside that smiling is healthy and makes you also look
happier and more interested in the subject.
3. Remember.
Remember the names of persons.
Names are the most important things to people after all.
And if you really truly showed interest,
you should know the name of the person you were talking to.
Remember the things they like, the jobs they have or hobbies.
So.. remember the things that you are being told while
you were paying attention and being interested into the stories.
4. Listen.
Make people talk, keep them talking, be the listening ear in all times.
Tho don’t make it feel like an interview again.
Like I said, pay attention to what is being told.
Not just look like you are interested,
try to truly be interested in what is being told
and remember those things. Listen to it.
Truly listen and try to understand and give in your
own examples or experiences, tho not too many.
5. Interests.
Keep talking in terms of the person’s interests.
This keeps the conversation going and makes the conversation natural.
6. Important.
Make the other person feel important.
Not necessarily make them feel like they are of a higher standard.
Just that they also have a voice and meaning that you respect.
That the mean something in this world and that they mean something to you.
So, that are my points.
Lets hope that they can help you,
tho they are kinda obvious.And beside this all..
Only a few friends will tend to really be
true to you, through good and bad times.
And how to find out if a friend is…

To face the future with them,
through good and bad times.



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  1. Anders J / Aug 30 2011 10:12 pm

    true friends are important, someone you can trust to not tell secrets, someone you can tell about your feelings to and know they won’t treat you with disrespect 🙂
    And treat people the way you wanna be treated, show respect, you’ll gain respect, be nice to them, they’ll probably be nice to you as well 🙂
    help them out when they need you, then they will help you back some day 🙂
    Be the example and they will follow
    be a true friend! :3

    • MMasing / Sep 2 2011 12:05 pm

      How simply wonderful said :3.
      And it’s very true aswel:
      Care… and they will care about you aswell…
      Greetz, MMasing.

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