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August 17, 2011 / MMasing

Save the Story/Movie/Humanity/World.

Hello Everybody,

Today I found a real hero.
Though what is a hero?
When can you be called a hero?
And when are you “allowed” to call yourself a hero?
Time for me to find it out for you, lets see what I can find…

You are a hero if you show that you have heroism.
But what is known as heroism?
I’ve asked our friend who let me to Wikipedia yet again telling me:
“Heroism is the will to sacrifice yourself in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage for the greater good of all humanity.”
Heroes are known out of stories in the Greek mythology and folklore.
Heroes such as Heracles, Perseus and Achilles placed important roles in the Ancient Greek religion.
So, that are heroes of the past,
but what about heroes of the future?
Modern heroes still exist in stories and fairy tales.
The hero mostly is the protagonist in the story
(protagonist is the main character),
who seems to be just a normal human being
that tends to get him/herself in odd circumstances
finding their ways out of these, when it seems impossible,
alive or even unharmed.
In action movies, and series, the hero is mostly given powers
beyond the power of the normal human being, as super strength,
In other words:
“Everything we don’t have.”
With, as the clue behind that, to get out safely
and save the story/movie/humanity/world.

Though that heroes are of all times we knew by now.
But that heroes are only from stories isn’t always to believe.

The heroes of our times are indeed also heroes that aren’t made up
by writers for books, series or movies.
They are the once saving our personal non-fiction story/movie/humanity/world.
And they are everywhere, because they don’t have
the powers beyond the power of the normal human being.
Because we know that that is hard to believe.
It is because they have the guts to put someone else in front of themselves.
To risk their life to safe the one who deserves to live.
To do the right thing.
Like our policemen, doctors, firefighters, judges
or just our fathers, mothers, big sisters and loved ones.

And now you might ask yourself…
But who are than those heroes?

Then I might have to make you see that everyone can be a hero.
If you just have the guts to put someone else in front of yourself.
If you risk your life to safe the one who deserves to live.
Or if you just do the right thing.

Everyone who ever meant, did, changed something in a good way,
changing someones life doing so, is a true hero…

Even you!

Sometimes you just have to know where in yourself to look…



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  1. Anders J / Aug 30 2011 10:48 pm

    Am… i… a hero…?…
    strange thought xD
    well…… i have done things to help people, tho risking my life haven’t really been necessary yet xD
    tho.. I’m quite sure i would… tho easy for me to say here and now xD probably not as easy while being there… but i know if my loved one got into trouble, I’d do anything to get her out of it, i know that if i found someone in trouble on my way somewhere, I’d do what i could to help out
    but i never think of myself as a hero
    cus anyone would do it

    • MMasing / Sep 2 2011 12:20 pm

      Such a nice start, so convinced.. slowly and slowly growing better and stronger and then… there…
      And that is exactly where you went wrong!
      There.. at the end.. see it?
      “but i never think of myself as a hero”
      (here it comes: )
      “cuz anyone would do it”…………..
      No, no that isn’t true.
      Not everyone would just jump off their bikes, out of their cars…
      Not everyone would do it, but YOU would.
      Yes, YOU are a true hero!
      And love.. yes love…
      Strongest feeling ever.. if you wouldn’t risk everything for the one you truly love..
      I guess it simply wouldn’t be true love then, would it?
      Greetz, MMasing.


  1. Save the Story/Movie/Humanity/World. » Greece on WEB

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