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August 26, 2011 / MMasing

It’s in Your Subconscious Indeed…

Hello Everyone,

Today a friend of mine told me a story about eyes.
Little clever facts you never thought about.

Like, where people look up they are trying to remember something,
though looking down means that you
are uncomfortable, like shy and insecure.
Some people look to their left when they are thinking,
some people look to their right when they are thinking.
Though the people who look to their left while thinking
look to their right while they are “creating” something,
or better said: while they are imagining something.
This means, how logically, that people looking at their right
while thinking will look to their left while “creating” something.
Know the one.. and you’ll know the other, kinda..

Beside this all, what do you do when someone
holds out their hand to shake yours?
Indeed… you look at the hand, to take the hand,
and then look up into his or her eyes.
So when a business person holds out their hand,
you will look at the hand and then look straight into their eyes.
Though this business person was already looking into your eyes,
making you more passive in contrast to the business person.

And talking about business persons.
An American business man will give you a bit room while talking,
while a Japanese business man will stand nose to nose while talking.
Weird contrast isn’t it?
Though this will mean that when you put an American
and a Japanese business men in one room.
While talking the American would keep stepping backward
while the Japanese would keep stepping forward.
And now the weirdest part:
Both of them wouldn’t realize that they were slowly walking backwards.

So, all this… it’s simple a trick of the mind,
playing the movie inside that little gray mess of yours..
we also like to call: brains.

And to sum it up: it’s in your subconscious indeed…



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  1. kateshrewsday / Aug 26 2011 10:12 pm

    Wonderful post. Such a lot gong on under the surface of our actions…

    • MMasing / Aug 26 2011 10:16 pm

      I know right, how weird and amazing our body is.
      Thanks for commenting and hope seeing you on my blog sometime again.
      Greetz, MMasing.

  2. Anders J / Aug 30 2011 11:48 pm

    It’s kinda scary thinking about how much you can read out of a person 😛 just by following their eyes :3
    And that people can be so predictable, just by easy steps you can seem big and important 😛
    really fascinating, human psychology 😛

    • MMasing / Sep 2 2011 1:32 pm

      Ikr, scary it is.
      Handy to have such a friend as I have, to show me things like this.
      With the honor for me to pass it on to the world.
      Ain’t human psychology interesting?
      The way you can effect people without them noticing…
      Sounds like a sort of magic if you look at it that way xD.
      Greetz, MMasing.

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