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August 28, 2011 / MMasing

On the Autopilot.

Hello Everybody,
How unbelievable but true:
I’m away for a week again.
Though.. a week, for five days.
Already sounds like a lot less doesn’t it?
So I’m keeping it on a week.. it’s my vacation you see..
Better make them feel long instead of “a lot less”.
But, beside this all, I’m kinda saying goodbye for you all, yet again.
And yet again for “a week”, coincidence?
After I packed trying to follow my own survival tips
from the “Take Care!” post from august the fifth,
I decided to not leave you all behind.
Though I’m really sure I won’t
have a connection where I’m going..
I did write a few extra posts
every day to keep my blog running.
So those posts are all filling up
the blank spots of me not being there…
Which, now I think about it,
makes this post kinda useless…
referring to the fact that most of you won’t
even notice me not being behind this laptop…
But anyway, now you all know.
And now you all will also kinda know that my blog might not be
as flawless as I always try to make it look when I’m around..
Because I won’t be around.. so I can’t make it look as if it is flawless, see?
Wow… couldn’t write any clearer could I?
Well never mind.

From tomorrow off this blog will be running on the autopilot.
With me a few miles away hoping the autopilot doesn’t crass my plane….
or something like that… I guess.
If you notice any bumps in the road with taking off or landing..
Or maybe notice the turbulence…
I know, don’t worry, the autopilot might not fly as clean as I do myself.
But then just think:
Gosh, how we miss that real pilot being on vacation now.
Or maybe just think:
Well, it’s ok, it’s just the autopilot,
the real pilot will fix it all up in 5 days.. ehmm.. in “a week”.
So, to sum it up:
Take a seat.
Enjoy your stay.
I hope it will be flawless.
Fasten your seatbelts just to be sure.
And I’ll get you off the plane in “a week”.
Take care, yet again.
And see you in “a week”!


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  1. Anders J / Aug 30 2011 11:55 pm


    I’ll keep an eye out for you… tho not much i can do xD
    well… yeah, hope it’s a nice vacation and that you’ll enjoy it a lot :3

    I’ll miss you, as probably a bunch of other people here
    and be safe 🙂

    • MMasing / Sep 2 2011 1:39 pm

      Wow, thanks :3.
      So, I’m back.. obviously..
      Trying to get my post back on the track as we speak.
      Thanks for your eye, you can have it back now tho :P.
      And I had a nice time, thanks for asking.
      Missed you too, all of you out there…
      Tho it still feels like throwing a story, or now this comment, into a black deep dark well.
      Hope they got caught somewhere deep down there…
      See what I mean?
      Well, anyway, nice to catch up on the comments of people who did try to catch.. I guess…
      And I was safe, still alive :P, and thanks for asking and commenting :3
      Greetz, MMasing

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