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September 3, 2011 / MMasing

Welcome Home!

Hello Everybody,
After waiting on the “welcome home cards” to arrive….
I’m happy to say that I’m taking over the plane with my own two hands again.
I heard from a reader that my autopilot wasn’t too good.
But to be honest, this could have gone a lot worse.
As you noticed, I’m still in the air..
(hoping you all are still in the air with me tho)
.. and the plane seems to be doing fine.
Since now I’ll keep my eyes on this blog again.
Meaning that I can’t blame the autopilot any longer….
and I found a
flaw in my
survival tip
packing list:
Bring sun cream,


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  1. Anders J / Sep 6 2011 7:02 am

    Welcome home! 😀
    had a nice trip? 🙂
    Great to have the pilot back 🙂
    got a sun burn? 😛 since you’re advising to bring suncream?
    Hope it was a memorable trip 🙂
    good to have you back 😛

    • MMasing / Sep 9 2011 9:25 pm

      Thanks :), nice to have a warm welcome :3.
      My trip was brilliant, tho nice to be back.
      Simply started to miss the ones I care about most, bet you understand that one…
      Glad you like the bilot back 😛
      Actually… glad to be back!
      And no, no sun burns for me,
      just… needed to travel to the nearest town
      to find sun cream before being able to go to the beach..
      Turned out to be the day with the best weather,
      but anyway, still was a nice town to visit. 🙂
      And…. sice when does every sentence have a smiley?


      Ok, done for today.
      Greetz, MMasing.

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