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September 8, 2011 / MMasing

What type are You?

Hello Everyone,
You have them in every size and colour.
Made for all kinda types and ages.
I’m talking about, indeed:


You got modern ones.
You got classic ones.
You got old timers.
You got new timers.
You got race cars.
But what is your kinda car?
Are you more the modern type?

For the young people among us,
or just the older people loving the new and modern.
The: Look at me, don’t you think this is cool?
Or just the: Look, I worked all my life and can pay this… and you can’t. Ha! Gotcha!
Or just the: Yea.. I am rich.
Or are you more the classic type?
The: I’m in the middle of my life, able to buy whatever I want to buy, turned out to buy this beauty.
Or the: I was on the golf club… and I just….
Or the: Look, I added a spoiler!
And.. more I can’t tell you about this one, sorry.
Or are you more the old timer type?
This is the: Hunny, let’s get the picnic basket..
kinda people.
You may think of them what you like,
but be honest for a second.
Still romantic, isn’t it?…
Or are you more the new timers type?
The new timer, yea, I don’t know if they exist,
but for if they do I think it should be a car of the time of now, meaning to last forever.
And that’s this one <-..
Bugatti Veyron.. yes, I know it is.
Just.. beside it looking good it also actually is good.
So, the new timer types will be…
The one with a good filled wallet.
Can’t look around that detail, can you?
Or, the last, the race type?
That type seems to be rare.
Not only because it is dangerous..
Because most guys don’t really care
about it being dangerous because of the rush.
But it’s because not everyone can
drive like those drivers can.
And because not every driver will get this chance
of his (or hers, girls can do this too you know) life.
So…. what type are you?
Just the family kinda type is possible too by the way.
More the 5 doors, for adults and kids, affordable.
Anyway, comment and let me know.
Now.. bet most of you will be a family type…
Maybe a bit stupid to put it in the end….
Well, never mind.


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  1. Anders J / Oct 3 2011 12:43 pm

    I guess i’m the newtimer, tho i like the other types as well 🙂
    They have all their ups and downs, i don’t like all cars in all categories tho i like some in all 😛

    • MMasing / Feb 3 2012 10:49 pm

      Hey there again,

      A new oldtimer.. creative :P.
      And.. better to like some, then to like none, isn’t it?

      Greetz, MMasing.

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