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September 18, 2011 / MMasing

Morning Larks.

Hello Everybody,
As promised in my earlier post, I would try to help out the early sleepers and early wakers too.
For the once who want to stay awake.. but simply can’t.
For the once who got that evening job and simply just… can’t.
For those who wake up at 6 o’clock and simply just… can’t wake up later.
For those I kept my promise.
Which means that Survival Tips on morning larks are coming up:
1. Stay up.
Indeed, stay up.
Just linger around in the evening and try
to find yourself ways to kill the hours.
Go outside in the late evenings/
early nights and be active.
Don’t hang on the couch and watch a movie,
because the chance that you’ll get tired
then is only bigger.
Be social, this always keeps you awake till the late hours.
Though be sure to read on tho the morning coming up.
Makes a worlds difference…
2. Bye bye sun.
Close the curtains when you
go to bed, being sure you will keep the sunlight out in the next morning.
Don’t welcome it with open arms, thought, yes, I know, you would want it in.
Just don’t give it this warm welcome, please.
Stay in bed, sleep untill you just can’t anymore. Sunlight triggers the human biological clock and will most certainly
wake you up.
3. Schedule.
Yes, my luck that people like yourself like schedules, you need to schedule this too. And I know you won’t mind one. Go to bed at the same time every day, even in the weekends. Get out of bed at the same time every day, even in the weekends. Harsh, I know right, but if you want to change your old schedule you need to get a new one. Your biological clock needs to get used to a new rhythm, and that takes some time. For one it might be quicker than for the other, but you’ll all get there… in the end I mean.
And, for the smart birds under us:
yes, wow, you found it.. this list is 100% the contrast of the evening owls post.
Not so weird that it’s for completely the opposite thing, isn’t it?


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