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September 24, 2011 / MMasing

When Strength and Brains are One.

Hello Everyone,
When strength and brains are one.
Some have the strength,
some have the brains.
Some have the power,
some will gain.

Some see the light,
Some see the dark.
Some see the stars,
some will make.

I see the strength,
I have the brains.
I see the power,
I won’t take.

I see the light,
I saw the dark.
I found the stars,
I’ve seen you make.

Now you got the strength,
now I got the brains.
But we won’t take the power,
because we don’t want to gain.

Now you saw the light,
while I look in the dark.
But you found the stars,
that I have made.

Could you be my strength,
and I be your brains.
Would you take that power,
but not gain.

Could you be my light,
while I’m in the dark.
Finding all the stars,
who were for you to take.


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