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October 1, 2011 / MMasing

Hope to Hear from You!

Hello Everyone,


Everyday I look at my statistics because, to be honest, I am too curious to not look.
And after my blog started to get a bit more viewers I can make out a system in my weekly views.
It seems to have gotten a natural flow.. just.. not the kinda flow I expected it to be.
I get most of my views on Mondays slowly building off to the weekend: The dip in the whole week.
This flow seems to be exactly the opposite
of what I ever expected it to be.
Because, me myself have it so busy on Mondays, everything starts over yet again.
And then it builds off to the weekend (the grey): The dip in the whole week, indeed.
But to be honest, I’m a lot more on the internet in the end of the week then in the start. So… this doesn’t fit the system here..
Meaning I got a question for you:
When do you surf the net more?
In the start.. or in the end of the week?
Comment please
and lets see if my views are right or not.
Or, better said, if I am wrong and my views are right.
Or the views are wrong and I am right.
Ok.. now I get tired of myself… bet you are too…
Let me keep it short for you:
Got any tip how to get my views up in the weekend?
Thanks, hope to hear from you! 

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