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October 5, 2011 / MMasing

Try it, It’s Nice!

Hello Everybody,
In the summer vacation I went on a beach holiday with my friends,
(like some of you might know by reading one of my posts from around that time)
and I was reading back some things I wrote down while being there.
Finding myself writing about the following:

Have you… ever tried a frozen cucumber?
Because it is actually really tasty!
It’s kinda like ice cream, the water ice cream I mean then,
the really fresh and watery kind.
And, if you are asking yourself now:
Ehmm.. frozen cucumber?
How did she? And where did that idea came from?!

Well, to be very honest with you, that wasn’t that hard, at all…
…We had this fridge in the summer-house, 
with an ice department in there, see?
And that ice department isn’t really “healthy”..
Ok, I admit it, it’s just really broken…
Happy now? Well, we didn’t do that,
but doesn’t really matter now anyway, does it?
So, our cucumber was under the ice department, near the handle of the ice department
(which is broken so it doesn’t close properly)
so ½ of the cucumber was frozen solid…
Cut it in pieces, and.. tada!
Cucumber ice, fresh out of our fridge,
on a way too hot day,
with no clouds in the sky…
(if you know where to look).
Perfect way to survive a hot summer day!
Meaning here: try it! It’s nice!

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