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October 8, 2011 / MMasing

Bring back Memories.

Hello Everyone,
Today I went back in time..
for how long I can look back in my time I mean.
And no, not by looking through pictures.
It was by searching through old music.

You would be surprised how many emotions an old song can dig up.
Everyone has a few songs they will always remember,
no matter how bad they might be now.
Music styles change, the we will always have some classics,
but if you look back to the songs from your youth,
I’m sure you’ll find out that they wouldn’t fit in anymore now.
But admit it, they are still amazing.
Some may make only be able to make you laugh,
others might be able to even make you cry.

Just like photo’s and music, also smell makes memories come back.
The apple pie from your old granny….
The red roses in the garden of your sweet neighbor….
The perfume of your annoying aunt making your life a pain….
The detergent of the clothes of your boy-/girlfriend….
The leaves and woods in the forest….
And the sea always pulling you back to the coastline to see….

So, if you ever want to travel back in your own life…
Don’t just go through your old pictures.
Go further, be creative, and click your way through YouTube,
finding millions of old memories filling you up by notes played in the old times of your young times.
Or just.. bake an old times, young times, grandma’s, apple pie…
 …if you feel like that…..

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