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October 17, 2011 / MMasing

Need a Push?

Hello Everybody,
I´m proud to say that even I
do things I´ve never done before.
Sometimes you just need a little push in your back.
One person might need a bigger push then another,
but in the end we´ll all get there.
Now, for you and me,
some survival tips to get you over the edge.
1. Get a goal.
Finding a goal in live means
you would simply do anything..
or better said everything to widen your borders.
2. Fall in love.
This might sound really stupid..
But think twice, it actually makes sense, not?
Love is one of the most, if not the most important emotion in life.
If love can´t push you over the edge..
I´m not quite sure what actually will..
(Sorry for you then..)
3. Ehmm…. any other ideas?
(Maybe to not get distracted?)

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