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October 23, 2011 / MMasing

It’s just what you make of it…

Hello Everybody,
Time passes, sometimes it flies by
without you even noticing how fast it went…
Untill you come to a point with no turning back,
finding out that it really did go fast indeed.
I was planning to write a Survival Tips
on anything related to time,
but I guess that would be a rather stupid thing to do.
Survival Tips on time are easy to write but unable to follow.
Even for me they are.
Because time ain’t easy to influence.
Because time is a giving thing.
But ain’t it all the same with given things in the end?
It’s just what you make of it!
If you feel sad or aren’t really looking
forward to something time will go slow.
Though if you are really longing for something
and looking forward to it.. time will go slow too, right?
I guess time only goes fast if you are happy
and enjoying life and all the things it brings to you.
So time, how to write survival tips what would really work for everyone?
Guess that I’m stuck with just one tip for you all then:
1. It’s just what you make of it…
Indeed, make the best out of it as you can.
Time is a given thing and you  can’t influence time in any way,
except the way you fill it in!

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