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October 25, 2011 / MMasing

Just Suddenly, and Just Then..

Hello Everyone,
To get a future you need to get a job.
To get a job you need to get through a solicitation.
So we all will, because we all will at least try to get a future so a job.
And solicitations ain’t always as bad as you think they are.
You just have to know how to be the boss of your future boss….
1. Be prepared.
Indeed, how obvious: Be prepared.
Know what you want to tell them,
know what you want to ask them,
know who you are, where you stand for..
And maybe the most important one:
Know you want that job and why!
2. Be on time!
Indeed, how obvious again: Be on time!
Being late for a solicitation is a suicide mission (always, no excuses).
Being late then shows that you don’t
care for the job, your interest is down to zero..
And admit it.. you wouldn’t hire yourself then either.
3. Dress properly.
Yea.. not going to tell you how obvious this is again…
Just, do as is written: Dress properly.
And this point is crystal clear again.
Ow, and by the way.. no chewing gum…
And then, then it’s up to the talking…
4. Stay calm.
Really annoying if you can’t talk on a normal,
easy level because you are really nervous.
And how to stay calm.. ehmm… depends on the person I guess?
Deep breaths help with me, but with you?
I simply can’t tell you, sorry.
Well, all what’s left now would be the wait,
hoping you did ok and get called back or whatever.
Ow, and what’s the worst that could happen,
which happened to me today, is that you get there:
prepared, with time to spare, dressed properly
(unless the rain still properly and not even wet)
totally calm and then…. 
they tell you they simply can’t find time for you
and ask you to make another appointment……..
You know, then…
I suddenly get what people
might have against office people.
But just suddenly, and just then..
Not like..
Yea, you get it!….

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