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October 30, 2011 / MMasing

Find the Logic.

Hello Everyone,


Did you know that…
…right-handed knights were worse than left-handed
knights but still the best knights were right-handed?
This is simple due to the fact that left-handed people
could never become knights because it was assumed
that they were descendants of the devil.
Left-handed knights were beside that
better in somethings logically given.
When the intruding army would climb
the stairs they wouldn’t be able to use their
right hand which was holding the sword
because of the difficulties in climbing the stairs.
That why left-handed knights wouldn’t
have had any problem doing so.
Meaning that they were faster up all the
stairs.. Indeed, descendants of the devil…
“Sir! He was up first! He’s a descendant of the devil!”
Really? Nice that even if we can make our own difference between good
and evil we still let the ‘evil’ win. We decide left-handed knights are
‘evil’ and then they do it better than our ‘good’ right-handed knights.
Now that’s what I would call silly.
Starting a war against an own picked opponent knowing to kill you all anyway?

Ehmm.. find the logic?..


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