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November 11, 2011 / MMasing

How to Survive Illnesses.

Hello Everyone,
Now for all of you, since I’ve had enough experience lately
to be able to write this one, how to survive illnesses:
1. Take your rest.
Sometimes it is just that easy.
Get your rest, not like the rest you get usually though.
You might need more, maybe a lot more.
So just let it happen to you, give yourself over to it.. get your rest.
2. Listen to the doctor.
Indeed, how easy again.
Just listen to the doctor, follow his advice.
Now for you tho, hope you do like that advice…
And well, further then this I probably can’t help you out.
Depends on how ill and what kinda ill you are I suppose.

Ow, one thing I can say for all of you though.
And that would be, how obvious:

Take care and get better!

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