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November 16, 2011 / MMasing

Simply because I Love to!

Hello Everyone,


Today my brother told me he started a blog…
…around 3 months ago.
I know right, very up-to-date.
His blog is filled with pictures and quotes and he just
had to tell me that he already has 300 followers by now.
Which made me question..
Are blogs with pictures easier than blogs with texts?
At least it takes less time to make a post, which is logic.
Or maybe I should just care less about who ever might read what I write
and just have more fun making this blog how I want it to be.
After all it’s about writing, what I love to do,
what is the whole idea behind this blog, right?
Not about having 300 followers or a few thousand views a month.
It’s about making what I want to create.
And secretly hoping someone out there likes what I do.
And when I see someone does, jump another whole in the ozone layer..
But this time not out of greediness
but out of happiness.
So, for everyone out there
who just saw what I did:

Do what You love to do,
not because you have to,
but simply because you’d love to!

Simply because I Love to!


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