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November 23, 2011 / MMasing

Let it Get Warm in Here.

Hello Everyone,
Bet you know the feeling of being cold.
It can be physically or even mentally, as I found out myself.
But.. how to solve it?
1. Get a hug.
So easy and sweet it can be,
go to the one you long for most and go get your hug.
The best way to get warm is to share body heat.
Nice to know for guys.. and girls probably too.
Can be a very good excuse, that has been used a few times before indeed.

2. Cuddle up.
Get a blanket, get a warm drink, get warm socks,
a good sweater, and a good person if you want to
combine 1 with 2.. also nice and possible.
3. Warm water shower.
And how simple it can be again, just get a shower.
And how obvious then, get a warm one please.
That would be it for now, wasn’t such a useful post I suppose…
Just fitted the best into my life right now.
Right here, written from my couch cuddled up in a blanket,
dressed like a half Eskimo drinking warm cacao.
And yes, you saw it right, I’m officially missing my (longing for) person.
Guess that’s why I’m still not warm…

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