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December 1, 2011 / MMasing

What’s a Blog?

Hello Everyone,
Ever tried to explain your
mom what a blog actually is?
Just if you are wondering,
goes kinda like this:
It’s a paper, or a magazine.. but then online.
Everyone writes a part of this paper or magazine.
Everyone writes a part, a column,
that lies into their own interests and wisdom about this subject.
Some about the newest headlines…
Some about the latest inventions…
Some about the best cooking tips and recipes…
Some about writing books and poems…
Some about history or traditions in different counties…
Some about mental science.. or physical science…
Or just about your life as it is, as it was, or as it will be,
you wished it would be, or how it’s supposed to be…
On which my mother answered after I explained what I wrote on here:
“Can I take a look once?”
And yes mom, hereby, of course you may!

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