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December 11, 2011 / MMasing

Good Morning (And Have a Nice Day!)

Hello Everyone,
Let me just have one thing to say, hope it’s the right timing thought, but here we go:
Good Morning!
It might sound stupid but scientists found
out that when you wish at least 5 persons a
“Good Morning”, it changes your own mood in a positive way, aswell for the people you wished it too. If this means I will wish you all a “Good Morning” every day.. I doubt. You see, while me, myself and I came to the conclusion after looking at my views/hour, (which showed me most views were at a time I was, most likely, sleeping and dreaming sweet dreams) that most of my viewers should be from overseas, and that this very “Good Morning” from me would be published in the way too early “Good Morning” for all of you…
Not like that is bad in any way,
because I’m o so glad that you all take your time to view my page at such weird times…
But this only means that my time schedule and the time schedule of you, my readers, isn’t much alike.
My “Good Morning” would be your “Early Morning”, or even “Good Late Night”.
My “Good Afternoon” would be your “Good Morning”.
Which leaves my “Good Evening” be your “Good Afternoon”,
and my “Good Late Night” your “Good Evening”.
And that’s the whole schedule explained, if you understand it still now:
Congratulations, you just made it to the end of my “Good Morning” to you all!
Written here, at 9:51 am, hoping you’ll read it all when your “Good Morning” starts..
Would it get better because of my “Good Morning” though?

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