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December 19, 2011 / MMasing

New..Nieuw.. what?

Hello Everyone,
Again, sorry to say so, I’m leaving again.
This time though, I’ll be sure to take you all along on my journey, or.. just take my laptop along.
Meaning, my posts won’t stop here for the coming 3 weeks,
which will be the time I won’t be on the spot I usually am.
Which again could explain any delays.. and dropping views…
But after all, it’s almost christmas!
Though that tradition isn’t celebrated as widely in for example Europa
as in the Scandinavian countries, or.. how obvious again, America.
One of my friends wrote an essay for social science on the difference between
Santa and Sinterklaas, and the difference in the crowds following which tradition
or both traditional celebrations in the same month.
And.. just because I already know the reactions here.. now most of you will go like:
Santa.. yes.. still was with you there….
Followed by:
Sinterklaas.. what?… Ok… officially lost you now…
But, don’t worry, no harm done yet, you won’t be the first to not understand me in my first try.
So me try again:
Sinterklaas is almost the same tradition as the
Santa Claus tradition known almost all over the world.
The name “Santa Claus”, is the American made
version of the dutch Santa, called “Sinterklaas”.
And how that got its shape.. might need some explaining
and going back into far past history, ready?
Back in the 17th century the Netherlands with their capital, Amsterdam, owned land in America.
It was their own new province of the Netherlands they called The New Netherlands they started to build a city on called Nieuw-Amsterdam, meaning New Amsterdam.
If you think they failed in building up this city to one of the most world-famous cities the world knows,
because you don’t know any city called “New Amsterdam”, but only know “Amsterdam”.
(Which indeed still is the capital of the little Netherlands.)
You are, sorry to say, very wrong indeed. They didn’t fail, or..
…depends how you look at it.
As normal in those times, they started wars.  Or.. those times.. maybe these times aswell, but never mind.  The Netherlands started a war against the Englishmen.  After a three years of battling they came to an agreement.  England could keep New Amsterdam, since it was a worthless piece of city anyway.  If they promised to keep the people living there at peace.  And the Dutch would get back the islands England conquered, like: Suriname and Run (in the North Moluccas).
England let a Duke take the land and changed the name
of New Amsterdam to his own last name.  York, New York. After the brother of King Charles II of England,
who had assigned him the country. Around New Amsterdam they Dutch people had already made more places and all given them names as:
Gravesende (now Gravesend), Vlissingen (now Flushing), Middelburgh (now Newtown), Heemstede (now Hempstead), Nieuw-Amersfoort (now Flatslands), Breuckelen (now Brooklyn), Midwout or Vlackebos (now Flatbush) and last but not least: Nieuw-Haarlem (now Harlem).
The Dutch not knowing what they just gave away would be one of
the most known cities in the entire world. Guess that’s how history goes.
But to came back to Sinterklaas..
.. yes indeed that is where this was all about.
It was simply a tradition, taken to the “new land” changed by the Englishmen over the years.
The original tradition is still celebrated in the Netherlands, which separated a part of their kingdom over the years which is now known as Belgium, where the traditional celebration is still celebrated aswell. Also in Luxembourg, Suriname, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Indonesia, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia are versions of the Sinterklaas tradition still celebrated. As in the country I live in, obviously.
And.. now you still don’t know anything about what I was planning to say…
Brilliant, yea.. well.. next post maybe?
Till then again!


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  1. David W. / Dec 21 2011 12:47 am

    Nice!! I’m on travel now! have fun

    • MMasing / Dec 24 2011 10:50 am

      Thanks, same to you!
      Greetz, MMasing.

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