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December 24, 2011 / MMasing

Arrow made of Mistletoe.

Hello Everyone,
Do you know why…
…people kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas?
Back on history for that answer..
The kiss under the mistletoe is an ancient myth about the son of the Norse goddess Frigga, called Baldr. Baldr was killed by an arrow made of mistletoe and was afterwards then brought back to life. The Norse goddess Frigga blessed the mistletoe and bestowed a kiss on all who passed beneath it. Years and years after that, the legend was adopted as a promise to marry.
At Christmas a lady standing under a mistletoe may not refuse a kiss. If she does, she cannot expect to marry the following year. So it is told.
So girls, now you know why you shouldn’t refuse.
Or you wouldn’t be respecting the power of the mistletoe and the truth behind the story of Baldr…
Or you won’t be marrying for sure this year or the next year coming.
Or.. you just shouldn’t stand below a mistletoe..
Or you just really don’t like that guy, happens too.. right?

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