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December 30, 2011 / MMasing


Hello Everybody,
After the count down for christmas,
the countdown for the new year is coming to an end.
With new dreams to follow and new mistakes to make.
Because after all, we are just human.
Just human might sound so big,
but if you think about it a bit more,
you’ll just find out we aren’t that big at all.
We are just link in nature, on this earth,
trying to make things work out.
And, obviously, we fail.
But sometimes, we manage things.
Things beyond our most wildest dreams.
And just believing in those dreams makes us able to let them come true.
Maybe not all, maybe not those from all of us.
But at least from a few.
And then you do got to admit to yourself,
that even for those few,
it was worth it after all.
Ow, and by the way, 3 guesses what my next post will wish you all….

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