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January 5, 2012 / MMasing

Blood and Veins…

Hello Everyone,
Do you know why…
…when blood is red, veins are blue?
Basic biology should be able to show you that blood is red.
This is because of the oxygen in the blood,
making blood red in its oxygenated form and dark red in deoxygenated form.
With me till here, or?.. Ok then, let me see…
… blood is bright red when it leaves the lungs,
because it is full of oxygen.
Returning to the lungs for a refill
on oxygen the blood is dark red,
soon to be bright red filled with oxygen again.
blood is red!
Then… on to the veins:
Veins look blue.
This is because of the light
that is absorbed into the skin
and is reflected in a higher energy wavelength.
Logically, higher energy wavelengths
are seen to the human eyes as blue.
veins are blue!

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