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February 9, 2012 / MMasing

Would you Raise your Voice?

Hello Everybody,
And the world is changing… who didn’t knew that?
Now we clearly see that some didn’t….
New technologies changed the way of life.
Life and business as well.

The ones that didn’t came along with the changes into the modern world seem to have a lot of problems with only trying to survive. Like for instance the old way of photographing, all on little rolls of film. Who didn’t change along with digital photographing.. didn’t survive. A bit like survival of the fittest, indeed.
Now, the next one beside the photograph business, is the music.
All artist want to be known, and use social multimedia to get the publicity they think they deserve
(and, don’t get me wrong, in many cases they might actually deserve this, of course). Wanting to become famous they were open to the modern world, spreading their music over the whole world.
And since they did, we went along… everyone did..
Yet now, this became a problem.
Now that artists have gotten their publicity, earned their money and are known..
They don’t get any money for getting where they are.
All their songs are online, there, for everyone to see the clips and listen to all the songs ever made.
This because since they did, we went along.. everyone did..
New rules were made, new lines were drawn, meaning new borders have cut up our lands.
Cut it up or just censored it down to a world where we aren’t used to.
Since they did, we went along… everyone did.. now it is like it is.
Cutting it down to something it never was before, makes the users of multimedia, like the internet,
being cut down on their abilities. Being censured down to a place where all they ever could.. can’t be done anymore. Of course, you can all blame the listeners to the songs on YouTube and the downloaders of games or the watchers of movies.. But.. after all, the world changed.
No rules were there and they never really have been clear.
Every country had something, but no one ever really dared to put anything into action.
Maybe it’s time to say: We are sorry, you are just too late.
Maybe its time to say: You aren’t allowed to censure things we see as common.
(just because you made it be common in the first place)
Maybe it’s time to say:
No… you can’t censure internet.
No.. you can’t shut down live streams.
No.. you can’t shut down YouTube.
Maybe you should have made rules while this started, not when we are all in the middle.
Maybe you should have followed these rules world-wide before this all became common.
Maybe you should have seen this one coming: censure is for dictatorships.
It’s the survival of the fittest.
Now if it was up to you, what would you do?


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  1. ajsivesind / Feb 9 2012 1:15 am

    I think that putting it on the web can be good in a way, since it’s free advertising. And I were at this concert with a quite famous artist and the audience asked what he thought about Spotify (since they more or less get nothing for being on spotify) and being available free on the web, and he replied that the most important thing to him was that people listened to his songs, and that the songs meant something to them, so he will stay on Spotify. 🙂

    • MMasing / Feb 9 2012 7:56 am


      Now that’s a way musicians could look at it as well.
      Putting the music first. Which up til now seems logic to me.
      Ow, by the way.. do you think no one would go to a concert because the music is already on, let say, Spotify?
      Do you think fans would let their favorite artist go broke?
      Think they never even want to see him/her in real?

      Greetz, MMasing.

      • ajsivesind / Feb 9 2012 8:12 am

        I would always go to concerts, because it’s a totally different experience, a concert is so much more than just a song on Spotify. I would maybe go to a concert BECAUSE of something i heard on Spotify.
        And no, I follow the concept that if you really like an artist, you should support them by buying their CD, that’s what I do. 🙂
        If you get the chance to a see an artist you like live, take that chance, it’s an experience you won’t forget 🙂

  2. ronnybutton / Feb 9 2012 1:17 am

    Reblogged this on Ronnybutton's Blog and commented:

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