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February 14, 2012 / MMasing

Dear Valentine,

Hello Everyone,
Or let me show you something
more suiting for this day.
What to write to your valentine..
well.. maybe something like this?
Dear Valentine,

Many a times my thoughts have flown unbidden.
Many a times I have not found words enough to express.
How special a place you hold in my heart.
You have made my life a dream come true.
I will always remember, how glad I am that I’ve found you.
I’ve fallen in love many times,
and it’s always been with you.
Because you are like the warmth of the sun I feel,
and you are the air I breathe,
without you…
…life can never be the same…
You are always with me,
No matter where you are.
We maybe miles apart,
but you are always on my mind.
And in my heart.
Your love for me,
reflects in all that I do.
And I would like to say:
I love you & Happy Valentine’s Day.

Of, if you want to write something to just a friend….
Maybe something like this will work?
Dear You,
A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and the best thing you can be…
A friend is a treasure and if you have one…
You have the most valuable gift.
A friend is someone who’s always there.
A friend is a feeling of forever in your heart…
A friend is someone like you.
So thanks for being my friend.
And a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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