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March 8, 2012 / MMasing

Survival Tips of the Fittest!

Hello Everyone,
“Traveling together is so much better than traveling alone.”So it seemed when on my trip home from my vacation I found myself without any company,
which I did have on my trip to there. Might sound odd, but it’s the lonely truth.
But what to do then?
Obviously before you leave, you aren’t bothered by any thoughts of your trip back home…
…because with vacations you don’t think about the time when the vacation is over.
Meaning I found myself without anything to do for my long traveling trip home.

Survival Tips for:
Finding something to do on a long lonely traveling trip home after a way to short seeming vacation.

1. Think.
I think.. well there you go, you thought..
wasn’t that hard was it?
Well, what about music? Magazines?
A book? At least make sure you have enough to do to fill up the traveling time. Don’t want to find yourself
unprepared after all, right?
2. Find.
How simple, find what you were thinking of.
Find some music, magazines, books..
Where? What about.. the internet? A station? Little store around the corner?
Or just, as I did, walk to the bookcase of your partner…
3. Use.
Lets not wait and think for half of your journey that you don’t need your music,
magazines or book yet. In the end you’ll find yourself frustrated of waiting all the time,
coming home with your music, magazines and book untouched while your journey was horrible.
Use, please use what you brought along.
I believe this was the most useless survival tips ever…
…but at least I’m glad I thought, found and used my book out of my partners bookcase.
Because, in this (book)case, I found a book which made me read through my whole trip
without me noticing the “take off” or “touch down”.
A book with, how suiting, survival tips..
the good ones I mean here. And, because I got this book now before my partner steals it back again..
I might have to warn you about a few new survival tips coming up.
Hope you don’t mind.
You won’t…
…would you?…
Ow, and click here for the legally stolen copyrighting © survival tips of the fittest book from my partners bookcase… here you can buy it though, at our second best friend in the family called “Amazon”. 

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