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March 9, 2012 / MMasing

Ways around Panhandlers.

Hello Everybody,
As I warned you all about this coming.. time for survival tips!
So who’s curious at what I found?
I found:
Some are kind, some are horribly annoying and some are just.. there. You are nice to the people who are nice to you, but what about the annoying ones? Should you be nice to them aswell? Well, if you weren’t planning to pay for someone who didn’t deserve it…
…here are some tips that could help you out.
1. Don’t look.
If you do your best to avoid eye contact, then not giving is a lot easier.
2. Lie.
Just lie and say, “I’m sorry, man.” Apologize and pretend to look in your pockets as if you would have given him something but you just can’t today. Before you try this make sure you’re not wearing so-called “sunday clothes”. Looking like a rich guy won’t help you with this one, just saying…
3. Lecture.. coming up next!
If you have some free time, take out Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay on “Self-Reliance” and read to him. The delicate prose and stirring sentiment will no doubt inspire him…
… to kick you, probably..
4. Just give some money.
To the deserving ones of course. If you’re like some people out there, every couple of years you wake up and feel generous. But since you can’t give to everyone, you have to be choosy. But how do you choose the right one? Some say that  panhandlers are grouped into 4 groups:
  • The legless or armless
  • The real veterans
  • Black over white
  • The talented ones
Each of those might be enough reason to give some of your money to.
Do watch with the veterans that they are real veterans.. by maybe asking?
Ask what branch of the armed services he served in and what company or battalion and so..
Fake ones would fall of easily.. or be good talkers, also possible, of course.
Also people might give dark people money before blanc ones. And the talented ones always seem to get the attention.. and the money..
5. Dating, are you?
Golden rule.. if you are walking past a panhandler with your fresh date: Pay!
(Unless he’s really rude or obnoxious.) Simply because you can never look too nice in front of someone who you want to impress. (Unless she’s going for the bad boy type, I guess?)
After all paying a few bucks to this panhandler is a lot less than buying her a martini, isn’t it? 
Well, that’s all I got for now I’m afraid. Though have you ever thought about Asian panhandlers? Indeed.. never saw them did you?
Maybe in Asia you can’t even find an Asian begging for money..
Could that be because they are too busy making it..?
I know that sometimes you wish you could give to all panhandlers
(who were nice) but if you would you’d be out of cash in a minute.
(That’s half a minute in San Francisco.)


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  1. thenotsomuchasian / Mar 10 2012 12:52 am

    I see a bunch of people who are like that- like the photos. They ask for money, but they are just sitting there smoking or do things that make it seem like they don’t actually deserve/need the money. My cousin once gave a man 100 chinese yuan and they see him go buy cigarettes with the money. He didn’t even buy food. Do they actually someone is going to give them money if they are being like that? I agree with you!

    • MMasing / Mar 10 2012 1:30 pm


      Sometimes I guess you’re better off not giving to panhandlers.
      Because you might help them getting off the cigarettes or even worse stuff they might be on.
      Doesn’t mean all panhandlers are on stuff… Just means that you have to think twice before actually giving money to one.
      And pick out the right one.. hopefully.

      Greetz, MMasing.

      • thenotsomuchasian / Mar 10 2012 7:27 pm

        I agree. It is just really hard to decipher the honest ones….

      • MMasing / Mar 10 2012 8:49 pm


        Maybe my survival tips will help you out then?
        Hope they can..

        Greetz, MMasing.

      • thenotsomuchasian / Mar 13 2012 3:40 am

        I thought of this when I went to NYC yesterday. I was in Times Square and I saw a guy with a sign that read “NINJAS killed my family…” and another asking for beer.

  2. ajsivesind / Mar 10 2012 11:03 pm

    It’s quite a big difference between people on the street. Some of them wanna come back to a regular life but simply can’t, and some just doesn’t care anymore. Giving people money isn’t always the best solution, some would just spend them on drugs or alcohol or what ever put them there, but if you really wanna make a difference, get them a job, and follow them up, until they got a place to stay and seem to be able to control them self. It really depends on the person on the street, we had a TV show here, they learned people they had picked of the street to play and sing a few songs and then held a concert. One of them went back to drugs, 2 of them didn’t show up on the concert, but one, he completely changed his life, he made a CD, got himself an apartment and stopped with drugs and everything, that kinda shows what kinda people are out there, you just have to pick the right one and give them a chance which shows them that this is really their opportunity to change their life, a couple bucks are just another dollar/euro/something, but if you offer them a chance, now that’s something big and some of them will see that. 🙂

    • MMasing / Mar 10 2012 11:19 pm

      Hey there,

      Maybe you are right..
      Maybe giving them money doesn’t really work a thing.
      Trying to give them a real chance does work, in some cases. As in getting them a job, or just a warm meal..
      Or spare them the energy and buy them alcohol and drugs instead of giving money? xP (Naah, just joking)
      But then again, we have to put time into it ourselves.. and not many people will be open to giving away time of their own lives into the lives of other people who messed up their own time and lives. Humans, humans humans.. Don’t we love them?

      Greetz, MMasing.

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