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March 11, 2012 / MMasing

Poem Makes the Picture vs. Picture Makes the Poem?

Hello Everybody,
If you ever wondered where I get my inspiration for poems from.
It actually mostly isn’t from the pictures that you find beside my poems.
The picture doesn’t make the poem, the poem makes the picture.
The poem should have something where you have a picture from inside your head.
Finding the right picture with it shouldn’t be such a problem if you already know what it should be like,
see what I mean?

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                                                                                                                     Copyright © Leonid Afremov
Around 1 year back my eye got pulled to these wonderful paintings.
Paintings from Leonid Afremov filled with colour and life.
These paintings fell somewhere to the back of my memory thought..
untill I wrote a poem that you’ll see published on here in a few
(to be more exact, when I think most people read this.. and are waiting for a new poem,
though like you know, some of you already are waiting.. I hope..?).
So, now I decided to do it a different way.
To look at the picture, now painting, and write something along with that
(or those if its more than 1 painting).
Before I do this I first wanted you all to know the artist.
To be able to look him up by, for one, clicking the link up there ↑,
or at least see what he made already here, in this post.
Hope you’ll enjoy this, and the following poems coming up… soon. 

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